Saturday, January 17, 2009

#40 BWO, "Gomenasai"

The world is full of pain and heartache
But I was sure I was immune
I never thought I'd make your heart break, oh-oh

I've had a suspicion for a while that this song was rejected from Melodifestivalen 2007--how many Swedish songs named "Gomenasai" can there be?--but I've never been able to convince myself that a BWO song actually wouldn't make the cut, especially the best one from their third album (though oddly not made a single until after they'd released several singles from the greatest hits that followed that third album). "Gomenasai" is prime BWO, their usual electronically created pop sound but still fresh. I may return to Fabricator less than to Prototype or Halcyon Days and not really liked "Barcelona" or "The Bells Of Freedom," the new tracks on their greatest hits, but as long as the group can keep making songs like "Lay Your Love On Me" and the even better "Gomenasai," I'll keep listening--the ending "I didn't mean to hurt you, I didn't mean to harm and make you cry" and the chorus coming in to overlap on top of it still gets me just as excited as it did on the first listen.

Find it on: Fabricator


Aaron said...

I can't say I like this at all - Sorry!

Poster Girl said...

That's OK, Aaron :) We just have different BWO taste, it looks like!

Paul said...

Oh no this is very amazing indeed. Still I love everything BWO and as much as I do love the three songs from Pandemonium, it's a tragedy that the album's run of ace singles was interrupted before this could take it's place in history. I believe it's a single now though?

Poster Girl said...

Yes, Paul, it is, that's how it's able to make the list! I'm hoping I'll love their new album. Still not pleased that they're entering Melodifestivalen with the ballad version of the new track.