Saturday, January 17, 2009

#38 Kylie Minogue, "The One"

(Official video, set to the Freemasons remix)

(Album version of the song)

Close to touch like Michelangelo

Oh Kylie. I know it's been said countless times, debated countless times even, but why wasn't "The One" the lead single for this album? Yes, it's what "people" want and expect from Kylie (and me, too, to be fair; based on pop sub-genres alone, I could have easily predicted I'd love this spacey mid-tempo pop song far more than "Two Hearts"), and that's one advantage, as is the fact that it's got an "I'm here" statement feel to it, but it's got another, too: it's a far better song. Kind of a cover and at least a reworking, "The One" is one of those odd mid-tempo songs that you could listen to whether you're seeking to further your sadness or to be left feeling better off. You want pop that's both commercial and a work of art? Look no further than "The One." It will have a life span far longer than those of many songs above it in this list, I suspect; it's another case where on a list of "best songs of 2008" as opposed to "favorite songs," it would rank even higher. For the imagery of the line I quoted alone, it would make this list.

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Aaron said...

AHHH - Epic, beautiful and just FANTASTIC! - I can only say it's beaten by The Loving Kind in the similar type tracks!

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, "The Loving Kind" conquers ALL. I am so upset that it wasn't a single in 2008 because I know what's going to end up happening--I won't end up ranking it quite as highly as it deserves on my 2009 singles list just because it's been around so long. I know it's going to happen and I'm upset about it but there's nothing I can do to prevent it happening. And it shouldn't, because it's a stunning song that deserves that proper "wins the world" recognition from me--it would've easily topped this list.

Paul said...

Oh PPG, i'm with you on the Loving Kind thing. It won't feature as high in my 2009 list as it should, and already (even though it's lovely) i'm tiring of it a bit. Well tiring is a bit wrong, but i'm listening to it less and less! I'm also with the camp that says The One should've been a lead off single along with Wow as a follow up. THAT would've been magnificent. Oh well.

Have you heard the St Etienne tune? It's very The One.

John said...

Love this song, but I just don't see it as a lead single kinda song. If anything, this is one of those rare songs that in the back of my mind, I envision never being a single, and telling all my friends how brilliant it is. Because it is brilliant.

Poster Girl said...

Yup, Paul, I've been raving about it on here! Oh, wait, do you mean the full thing? Yup, I've heard that by now, too. I'm glad someone understands what I'm talking about--it's certainly not that "The Loving Kind" is ever not loved by me.

John, it would work fantastically as that sort of track, too. It didn't exactly make much a splash even as a single, so maybe you can still kind of do that ;)