Saturday, January 24, 2009

#22 Johan Krafman, "Disarmed"

Put your hands where I can see them
Don't make any sudden moves

It was love at first listen. How could it have been anything else? Tony Nilsson and Bassflow--with Bassflow this time not just producing but also co-writing--are a dream team. Add on top of that that what they've basically done here is combine elements of what I chose as my favorite and sixth favorite singles of 2007 by combining the sound of the music they've done for Ola ("S.O.S.," "Can't Get Enough," "Love In Stereo," "Natalie," "Feelgood") and the remixes Bassflow's done for Martin Stenmarck, and you've got an even better idea of the fact that I stood no chance of resisting this song.

Mix Megapol contest winner Johan brings something to the mix, too, though, sporting a voice that works perfectly for "Disarmed." It's a voice you can easily imagine being turned to a more guitar-filled sound but that luckily isn't here; I love guitars (I love McFly, for heaven's sake), but I love more the way Johan's pop-rock voice gets to cut through the electronically created background here as opposed to potentially being lost in a case of overburdened singer-songwriter guitar-icide. It's a good pop voice, one that has a lovely quality to it and has just the right amount of ability to sell the shoutier (though not really that shouty) moments of "Disarmed."

As always, Tony and Bassflow know just when to make beats pound, just how to fill out a song so it's never empty but still clear-cut enough to never distract from the most important elements, be they the up-tempo pure pop sounds, the haunting backing effects, or just that great melody itself. It all makes for a song that's as catchy and powerful as it can be.

Find it on: Disarmed (Single)

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