Saturday, January 24, 2009

#14 Kylie Minogue, "Wow"

The way you walk,
The rhythm when you're dancin'
Every inch of you spells out desire

If "The One" was Kylie singing from a (lonely) pedestal, some sort of divine untouchable electronic pop goddess, "Wow" is her dropping the seriousness for fun on the dancefloor. "Fun on the dancefloor" doesn't read incredibly impressively, but it should; the joy that comes through "Wow" is infectious, all-encompassing, and inescapable. "Wow" may be a younger sister of what may be Kylie's best moment, "Love At First Sight," and with an overachieving sibling like that, it'd be easy for the song to get caught up in living up to the accomplishments of its predecessor, but "Wow" is too busy throwing its hands up in the air and messing around with glowsticks to give a second thought to whether anything like "transcendence" has been lost. For that--and don't tell anyone, what would it do to your reputation?--you might just be a little more interested in hanging out with it than that sister of its sometimes.

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Yuяi said...

Glad to see "Wow" getting some chart loving here! It was my #1 song of 2007! "Wow" charted and was featured on The Kylie Show in '07, and I had fallen head over heels for it. Great, great song.

Mike said...

I love "Wow"! It got a lot of flack for being too cheesy but I want trashy throw away pop from Kylie. After all, it's what she does better than anyone.

Paul said...

it's just euphoric and so much fun isn't it? Quite marvelous for our little Kylie. It's the very strong tracks like this that make X a lot better than it gets credit for. PS - you think In my arms is overrated?! Oh my!

Poster Girl said...

Yuri, it's so funny you bring that up--this entry originally started off with an acknowledgment that, had "Wow" been released as a single in 2007 when I first fell in love with it, it would have ended up even higher in this countdown, with a comparison to what'll probably end up happening to "The Loving Kind" next year. It's a top song.

I love the cheesiness, too, Mike! If it went away altogether, I'd miss it.

Fun is the perfect word for it. Well, I guess I should clarify on the "In My Arms" front: I think "Wow" and "The One" are both MUCH better than it, and usually I see it ranked as the first or second best track on the album, so overrated in that sense.

Aaron said...

I have my moments with this - Love it sometimes - Hate it others - It's good, but not amazing!