Friday, January 02, 2009

#100 Sarah Connor, "Under My Skin"

When we touch, I can feel we've got a chemistry
Can't get enough, watch out when you stand so close to me
I've got youuuuuu
Under my skin

The German singer of "Bounce" (her only U.S. semi-hit, it featured the same backing track as Mary J. Blige's "Family Affair"), "He's Unbelievable," and "Let's Get Back to Bed - Boy!" gives up the unnecessary soul covers, returns to being a popstar, strikes upon electro-pop gold full of crunch and bite thanks to the help of songwriters extraordinaire Remee and Thomas Troelsen (as well as Lucas Secon). A catchy and unashamedly aggressive up-tempo song taken from an album titled Sexy As Hell, "Under My Skin" might not quite live up to its parent album's title, but it comes close. The sheer strength and edge of the electro backing behind it is refreshing--no punches are being pulled here. If Sarah spent all her time releasing songs like this and "See You Later" (from the same songwriting team), which I've written about before, she'd be one of the best popstars going. Instead, she's released a boring "Tattoo" knockoff as the second single from the album. Still, if nothing else, "Under My Skin" confirms that not all brilliant songwriters come from the U.S., Sweden, or the UK--Denmark's Remee and Troelsen are always worth following.

Find it on: Sexy As Hell


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Poster Girl said...

"See You Again" is SO FANTASTIC. I know why they did it but I'm still not pleased that they went with the comparatively blah second single they chose when there were much much better songs available.

Anonymous said...

This song is sampled off DBSK's "Mirotic"