Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We'll beat this world

I'm kind of a bundle of nerves today, so I've found myself returning to a music video Kevin (if I'm remembering correctly) introduced me to. It's for the 2003 song "Still Alive" from Finnish group the Crash, here working an '80's throwbacksynth sound that reminds me a little of, say, Melody Club on something like "Baby (Stand Up)" or "Stranded Love," though vocally a little more restrained. If you really are skeptical about this, please try it starting from 0:43. If you don't enjoy this (I mean, I can understand the song not being for everyone, but at least the video--come on, 3:07?! I can't name a single element in any music video that I love more than that), I really can't help you. Think stylized '70's cop drama meets a musical in the most life-affirming way possible.

That's what I want my life to look like and be like.


Nick said...

Wow you just totally introduced me to an incredible band!! I love this video too!! I wish this happened outside my window everyday.

John said...

WILD video! Had no idea they existed. And I am SO with you on the nerves. It's going to be a long afternoon/evening.

Obama Gurl said...



Paul said...

i am breathing a HUGE sigh of relief this morning :) This video just topped the moment off. I am going to re-enact it on my way to work :)

Adem With An E said...

This song is incredible, and the video made me grin from ear to ear.

But this song... did I mention that it's INCREDIBLE? Why have I never heard of this song before? Or The Crash, for that matter?

I wish this song had been released this year because it would be at the top of my end of '08 list I feel. Reminds me a bit of Phoenix's stuff!

Adem With An E said...


Turns out I own their CD "Pony Ride" - in the sense that it was sent to me to be reviewed and I obviously never got around to it.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh ive just heard David Archuleta's debut album.
I was going to wait until it was on I-Tunes but i couldnt resist.
Its pretty amazing on the whole.
'A Little Too Not Over You' and the Stanfour cover 'Desperate' are the highlights :D

Poster Girl said...

Nick, that's fantastic--I'm SO glad to hear that!

Who knew we'd get the Ohio results so early? Not that I was going to take anything for granted, mind!

It is TIME, that's all I can say.

Paul, I love that visual! I think I may start doing the same thing on my way to classes.

Adem, I've got no idea if that album is any good or not--you'll have to let me know!

Conor, I coudn't help myself either! I'll probably end up writing about it later. I've only listened to most of it once through, but I did really like "Touch My Hand."

Sofia said...

Wow Thank you so much! Ive been going crazy to find about what this song is called and what the group is since 2005!

Youve put my mind at ease at last...

Sofia said...

Btw If you like music videos with plots you should really check out Sonny J-Hold my hand

Imagine if you combined Twilight Zone with Thriller and placed it in a trailer park...and then you have awesome-ness.^^

Not for everybody though...

Poster Girl said...

I'm glad to help! And I can feel your (former) pain. I'll go look up that Sonny J video--I loved "Can't Stop Movin'" (never saw the video for that--I don't know if there was one?), but despite a little bit of hype, I've not been following them since.

Sofia said...

There was a hype about them? Didnt know that....Actually thought "Cant stop moving" was so-so.

It may take a few listenings too,but once you see the music video youre amazed by it^^

Once again,Great blog!