Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm makin' a list of things that I miss whenever we're far apart

Is this really the video for the new New Kids on The Block single?

The mind boggles.

(Actually, I'm thinking now it must be some sort of Germany-only release tied in with a German movie. "Dirty Dancing" was one of my instant favorites on the album, though, so at least the song is great.)

Speaking of mind-boggling music videos, the video for McFly's "Do Ya" makes me pretty sure they are crazy. I just wish that craziness came through in this latest album more often.

I think Chart Blog put it best: "A nice Christmas video you say, Tom? Something to remind people of the spirit of giving, what with it being a charity single and all? Sounds brilliant. Oh, Dougie ordered a set of extras dressed as zombies, so they're all outside. You do know about that, right?"


Damian said...

Didn't listen to New Kids on The Block album but didn't expect such a good stuff of them. Very good!

And bit of offtop - please someone explain me how could they get evident Idol winner out of the contest??? I'm shocked!!! Robin E and Anna were the strongest in competition and they left Palm and get rid of Anna and Robin o_O I think it's the weakest Idol final ever! I'd like Alice or Robin B to win but they don't look like winners, Kevin is so boring to me and doesn't look smart guy, Palm is not about music at all. Damn!!!

Damian said...

Oh, and by the way, Sarah Dawn Finer - Does She Know You.
Not that strong for the first listening but it grows, everything Sarah does is beautiful!

John said...

The movie tie-in makes it just a tad more bearable, but WOW. I'm at a loss. The helmet hitting Donnie at the end was fun, though.

Poster Girl said...

Damian, Swedish Idol this year has been underwhelming me--that's not to say there's no one that Swedish writers and producers could rescue and make great, but I don't really feel attached to anyone this year. Thanks for Sarah's new single--I've been wanting to hear it! :)

John, blatantly the best part of the video.