Monday, November 03, 2008

I just can't take a single step without you

Some of you may remember when Måns Zelmerlöw and Agnes teamed up for a Christmas ad campaign last year--we got a gorgeous promo photo and a cover of "All I Want For Christmas" out of it (well, and a commercial, too). As Oswalds Popcorn points out, the couple from said ad campaign (for MQ) for the year beforehand was Marie Serneholt and Andreas Wilson.

What pair of Swedish celebrities will be teaming up this year?

(Picture credit to Aftonbladet.)

Darin (who, by himself, was MQ's Christmas model back in 2005) and Nina Persson (the lead singer of the Cardigans).

I would never have seen that coming in a million years--matching them up together in a commercial? I mean, yes, Darin will have a new album to promote and yes, Nina's going to have her solo project/A Camp stuff coming up and getting her name out there goes with that, I guess, but I wonder what this is going to end up being. It seems like an odd pairing.

While we're talking of Darin, he's doing some MTV VJ-ing at the moment and, if for some reason you'd like to hear him doing a live ballad piano-accompaniment version of "Breathing Your Love," you can do so here (you may need to click on a big green button if you've not used SR before).


Paul said...

OMFG? Darin and Thingy doing AIWFCIY? Red Cups arriving at Starbucks on Wednesday? A ballad version of Breathing Your love (mp3 format would be more essential :P) ?? I really can't take it - i'm overcome with the vapours. Bring on the Magnus Madness :)

Resa said...

Wow. Somewhere, hell is freezing over. Nina Persson is one of my favourite singers of all time (I remember being in elementary school singing "Carnival" and "Been It") and Darin is one of my favourites idols. This is just the weirdest... WOW. I'm excited! But I have no words. WOW. JUST. WOW.

Poster Girl said...

Paul, I'm not sure that they'll be singing "All I Want For Christmas" together, or at least not releasing it as a single--2006's didn't, as far as I know; they could just be models and appear in the ad campaign. Once I find out more, though, I'll let you know. If I rip the song (and you haven't already), I'll send it to you ;)

I can't even imagine what a song with them both on it would sound like, if they even end up doing a song together!