Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You like my hair brunette, but I like it blonde

Clips! Girls Aloud! New album!

(Alternatively, stream the clips individually here.)

Obviously judging the album based on these is premature, but I am intrigued by the fact that the kind of electronic sound of "It's Magic" seems to pop up in slightly altered ways a few times. Also, "The Loving Kind" is sounding no less brilliant.


Aaron said...

Thank you Very, Very much!!!!
The first 3 words were enough!

I really like The Loving Kind (Potentially their best song?), Rolling Back The Rivers In Time, Turn To Stone, Untouchable, Miss You Bow Wow, Revolution In The Head

The album has a kind of sophisticated, mature, etheral sound to it - I really, really like it! - I think it may be their best album yet!!!

It's kind of crappy that they don't release here and we have to import!!!!!

Paul said...

I'm kinda holding on for the full album - strange, i know after i have played the same diff clip so many times and can tell you every single nuance and note. I can't get that obsessed again, even with a clip as brilliant and amazing as hopefully next single The Loving Kind. Adem will be in nirvana. Or as my 11 year old neice said last week, "this ice cream is so good i'm in nevada"

Bas said...
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Bas said...

i'm not sure whether im gonna like this album or not. its less disco/pop than before and i think that is what i liked about them. i think i'm the only one not feeling the obsessivness around "the Loving Kind" at all... anyway some of tracks sound quite nice, its probably better to judge when the full songs are available. Though I think I'll be better off listening to the new Saturdays album :D

Adem With An E said...


I'm at work and NOTHING WITH SOUND will load.



Yuяi said...

I can't wait for the entire album! The teaser clips make me crazy but the album sounds slick and polished, which I totally expect from the Girls. They are #1 right now (midweek) and sold like 25,000 copies of the single already. Great stuff!

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, "The Loving Kind" JUST MIGHT BE. We'll have to see. In my dream world, they release in all countries and sell record amounts everywhere. Ah, dreams.

Paul, you've got more will than I, but good for you! It really is impossible to judge albums by these clips, I know, but I just can't resist.

Bas, it definitely does seem less disco/pop and that's a style they excelled at--"Close To Love," anyone?--and would love to get more from them, but there are some really intriguing electronic sounds here, I think, for me.

Adem, torture! All this post really did was drive you crazy then--sorry about that!

Good for them! A good start to a campaign I hope will have a certain (*cough*) brilliant second single (then again, it's not as if I've heard any other songs in full, so maybe some other song is better, but I'm having trouble imagining that as of right now.

D'luv said...

If they release "The Loving Kind" as single #2, all might be forgiven...might.

Poster Girl said...

D'luv, the Earth might stop spinning if that happened--maybe they shouldn't!