Sunday, November 09, 2008

Turning fighters into lovers

(Elements of this post have been sitting as a draft for quite some time, so not all of these links are to incredibly recent posts; that just means that they've stood the test of time, though.)

A few songs I was introduced by blogworld that I think are worth your time:

Poptastic posted "Watch This Space," a song from (the Paul-promoted British High-School-Musical-as-TV-series) Britannia High (watch the scene from the show below). It's a great pure pop song with a dance beat underneath the chorus.

PopJustice featured a clip of a song from Alesha's new album, "Let's Get Excited." It's more up-tempo than most of the sampler. Have I said on here that "Colours Of The Rainbow," the track her website is giving away, is enjoyable, too? It is.

#1 Hits From Another Planet wrote about Norwegian project Karatkorn's "The Distance In A Romance," which is lush dance/electro-pop--absolutely gorgeous. Kind of Kylie-esque, but that beautiful spacey side of Kylie, not the full-on disco rush, though it's not a slow song.

MuuMuse introduced me to the latest music from Blake Lewis--he features on a Darude cover of "I Ran" by Flock of Seagulls. Take it for what it is, an opportunity to hear Blake's vocals on something--don't go in expecting something like his debut album.

Fizzy Pop raved about the debut single from British duo Same Difference (and put it in proper pop history context), and with good reason--"We R One" is pure "pure pop" heaven, key change and all. A must-listen, definitely.

Don't Stop The Pop introduced me to Swedish singer Neo, whose song "Flower Power Supergirl"--poppy, uptempo, camp, catchy (not enough men making music like this)--is one I'm eagerly looking forward to being able to buy--album out this week! The same post also included a mention of Rosanna and her excellent song "Gameboy," with a promise to write more about it in the future.

On the non-introducing songs but still excellent front...

Adem wrote a fantastic review of Girls Aloud's "Out Of Control." I'll probably never get around to properly writing up my thoughts on even one of the songs off of it, but "The Loving Kind" and "Miss You Bow Wow" are my favorites at the moment.

Fabtastic Music made me wish Charlotte Perrelli would get to do a tour like a big US or UK act would.

Olga Loves Yuri took us on a tour of Norway with Annie.

XO's Middle Eight gives us more information about Take That's upcoming album, one which I'm very excited for (and I still love the video, cheese and all).

I adore D'luv's personal post about Pet Shop Boys.

Pop Music Notes is such a welcome part of the pop blog scene--you'll read about artists there that aren't really being covered elsewhere (as well as some who are). John's also being making me really jealous by writing about all the concerts he's been to recently.

Gosh, you start on this and you just keep thinking of a million things you want to link to continue later, though, or else no one will bother with any of this.


Aaron said...

Haha - Loving the post!

Thanks for the linkage - I would love to see Charlotte do something like that....

John said... much blogger love up in hrrrr! Thanks so much for the mention (although that link is a Wordpress tag, and doesn't lead to my blog directly).

As for "Watch This Space", I'm not blown away by it, mainly because the video clip that accompanied it hurt my head so much, I feared my brain would start oozing out my ears, and I was a bit distracted. Seriously, I thought it was beginning like an En Vogue "Hold On" video tribute, but it was all downhill from there. Fencing? Seriously?

Paul said...

I am doing a big britannia high review today. I am in love with that show. There was a GORGEOUS ballad in this week's episode :) And i hear Charlotte Perelli is doing a Christmas album?! Hurrah!

Adem With An E said...

Thank you for the link love dear. Although I really do hope you -- at some point -- eventually get around to writing about the album. Very keen on your thoughts...

Yuяi said...

Thanks for the shout-out, PPG. Great post & lots of great blogs out there to check out. As always, totally enjoying your take on the euro music scene.

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, so would I.

John, oops--I just figured Wordpress tags worked the same way Blogger ones do! Fixed to something that should work better. I know this post probably looks completely ridiculous, but you should see my feed reader--I'm subscribed to an embarrassing number of blogs, so singling out this many posts from the past couple of months does actually mean something. I'm not really sure at all what's going on in that "Watch This Space" video clip--it's kind of like one of those dreams that starts off making sense and then gets increasingly random as time goes on.

Paul, yes! Charlotte's doing a Christmas album, as are Sonja/Shirley Clamp/Sanna Nielsen (together) and Amy Diamond. I think I may have mentioned this in comments somewhere, but I'm not too excited since they're all mainly a bunch of covers, with the exception of Amy's, which will have at least more than one (unlike the triple S album) original song on it. Watch me buy them anyway...

Adem, I may have to work on it--I do think it's an album that demands to be written about, that's refusing to let me not discuss it.

No problem--like I was saying to John, this post probably looks like the links are flying to thick and fast they don't mean much, but really, if you could see all the stuff I read, they do!

Adrian said...

This is ace. I'm totally out of the pop-blogging loop now, so this brings me right back within.