Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My world

I've just updated yesterday's Melodifestival post with a lot of information from Aftonbladet and QX. If you want to read about Linda Bengtzing singing on a demo, a likely return for Shirley Clamp, a probable Melodifestival debut for Jonathan Fagerlund, or a bunch of other artist predictions and song descriptions, it's worth a revisit. As we get new information, there's a good chance I'll just continue editing it all into that post so I've got somewhere where all the information is gathered (well, once we hit February, we'll get the usual pre-semifinal posts with descriptions), but I'll make sure to make a mention in a recent post when I do that.


Schlager Queen said...

thanks poster girl fabulous as always! mans, alcazar, linda, bwo, shirley!!!! im so so excited!

Melodimen said...

Same here! Pling plinging with excitement!

Henrik Wikström, Bobby Ljunggren,
Fredrik Kempe, Thomas G... Meloditastic.

'Hope and glory' for Sweden!

Schlager Queen said...

Hope and Glory all the way!!! Viva Sverige!

Paul said...

And Jonathan! His debut album is ACES! Just brillo :)

Poster Girl said...

Schlager Queen, thank you! :D And to both you and Melodimen (of the always epic song title references), I'm more than ready to jump back into Melodifestivalen season--I'm so glad others out there are too!

Paul, I'll be interested to see, if this song is for him, what it sounds like--his music is usually less dance-pop/schlager/obviously electronically created than your average Melodifestival boy pop is. Will that change? Or, with the same producer, will the songs be the same? I don't love all the tracks on the album (some of the ballads lack character, I think, though there are some great ones), but I'm still so glad he's around and hope he's got something as great for us as the singles from the album have been!