Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I feel so dizzy, oh boy, every time you're near me

Before we get into today's post, let me just say that the music video for Darin's "Breathing Your Love" will debut on YouTube two days from now (October 31).

(The PopJustice forums get total credit for my knowledge of this song.)

I was a little skeptical about German singer (and Sarah Connor's younger sister) Lulu Lewe's single "Crush On You." I'm not sure what it was--maybe the chorus didn't connect on first listen, maybe it was a little skepticism I bring to some German pop acts--who knows. Once I started that second listen, though, I was hooked. Somewhere in between teen-pop and the electro-pop of Sarah's better recent tracks like "See You Later" and "Under My Skin," "Crush On You" is based on a sample of Giorgio Moroder's "The Chase." That sample gives the song a lot of what makes it great, but it's got appealing elements of its own that make it more than just "The Chase" with some vocals slapped on top. That chorus that I initially wasn't sure of? It's actually great, with its backing "crush crush"s and what I'm tempted to say--simple as it is--is one of the best teen-pop melodies of the year (then again, how many of those songs have we actually got this year?). In fact, "Crush On You" is kind of what you'd get if you pulled the teen pop I grew up with, that late '90's/early '00's boom, into now--oddly enough, it can thank that sampled backing what's modern about it.

To buy Lulu Lewe's single "Crush On You" (as far as I know, she's not released anything beyond this single--which includes the original version, a remix, and a b-side--so far), go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: maybe that Spanish song or digital song.


Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I LOVE your blog.

Keep up the good work!!

p.s. That Namie Amuro song is AMAZING. Thank you for introducing it to me!!

Aaron said...

Not too keen on the track - but LOVING the Darin news!

Paul said...

um basically what Aaron said :) And the Darin video in the post below makes me eager for the whole album. He looks quite fine and dandy there, i must say :)

Poster Girl said...

Thank you so much! :D I'm glad someone else loves that Namie Amuro song--it really is top-class.

It's fantastic news and it can't happen soon enough. Ditto on the album, actually...