Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You're gonna find this heart of mind will stand the test of time

Swedish music news update!

Diva extraordinaire (in the best possible way) Lena Philipsson releases her duet with Orup, "Nu när du gått," digitally September 22. Oswalds Popcorn has the review (lukewarm at best) and the single cover. Sigh. Why can't you just give us another amazing solo album, Lena? The album of duets, called Dubbel, comes out November 12.

Speaking of songs released digitally on September 22, Sebastian (Karlsson) releases his new single, "My Getaway," then, with an album, The Most Beautiful Lie, following on November 5; he says it's "more personal" than his previous albums. "Words & Violence," the lead single for his last album, remains an amazing track, so I'm really hoping he'll give us something that good again.

Agnes's new album, Dance Love Pop, comes out October 29. They played about half of another song from it on the radio a few weeks back; I've forgotten most everything about it by now (it was something about love or kissing or something, I think), but it sounded OK--it'd make sense on the same album as the electro-disco-pop "On And On."

Sonja Aldén has a new single called "Du får inte" out. I don't own it (yet), but should you want to buy it, you can do so here, as well as preview the whole track piece-by-piece.

I'm not sure if this is worth mentioning, but since we've got so many other Idol graduates in this post...Daniel Lindström's got a new single called "Saturday Night" out--listen to the semi-disco sounds of it here, if you're interested. Possibly of more interest is that one-half of the Attic, Michael Feiner, has remixed the track--listen to the remix at the same place. Now that's something I may end up buying... Speaking of the Attic, are we ever getting a real version of "Flash In The Night," one that's not a six minute long remix?

Rachel of Work Your Magic might be interested to know (if she doesn't already) that Brandur released another single, "Lifelong Lovesong."

Sophia Somajo released her debut album, The Laptop Diaries. From the preview clips, I don't really think it's going to be the sort of album for me--most of it might be too "out there"--but "Warm Blooded Murder" (embedded below) remains great (time's actually been much more friendly to it than I would have expected) and it sounds like there might be some real keepers amongst the left-field electronically created pop there too. Then again, it's a nineteen track album (if bought via iTunes), so that's a lot of songs to sort through--both an opportunity for lots of filler and more chances to get it right. Would it interest people more if I mentioned there's a track featuring Juvelen?


Aaron said...

It's a shame that Lena is serving us the duets - I really would like to See Det Gor Ont... Part 2!

Looking forward to the release of Dance Love Pop as I love On & On!

Len W said...

When did Sebastian turn into a younger version of Martin Stenmarck? The photo here looks like the cover of "Nio Sanningar och en Lugn" turned on its side...

Rachel said...

Ooh,thanks for the reminder about Brandur- I heard the song a while ago but forgot all about it since! It's good stuff though- is it just me or does it sound quite (recent) Take That-ish in places?

Paul said...

like Monica's mom said in a thanksgiving episode of Friends once "that's a lot of information to get in 30 seconds. No rachel you weren't supposed to put beef in the trifle. it did not taste good"

Most of which applies to your post of course in all it's trifelly (sp?!) goodness!!

Robpop said...

Love all the Swedish pop in there!

Its certainly interesting with
Lena. I think its sometimes just hard to replicate the magic of a particular album. Especially when the singer themselves wants to explore different genres and songwriters. Theres also record companies that take the matter out of the artists hands and listen to focus groups or sound out what else is doing rather well at the present time (check the multitude of many Amy Winehouse's we've had!).

The name of Agnes' album is worth of a blog alone. I cannot for this release. It might just become the pop album of the year without anyone realising it.

Once again, great post PPG!

Poster Girl said...

I was holding out hope that it would be good even after we found out it would be a duet, but that single has erased most of my (already worried) hopes of that :(

Len, I didn't even think of that until you said it--and now I can't see anything else! He really is going for that look.

Rachel, I haven't heard the full thing yet...but for me, recnet Take That-ish would be a good thing, so I'll have to look it up ;)

Paul, I can honestly say I've never tried to spell that word, so your guess is as good as mine!

I don't know whether Lena needs to try writing with someone other than Orup now or what...he was fantastic for her 2004 album and nothing can take that away, but I wonder...well, maybe he just has to set his mind to doing something more "exciting" and he could still do it; I don't know. And you could be very right about the record company--their performance show (which I so wanted to see, despite probably being able to understand none of it, but never did) was so successful that maybe this is to capitalize on that. I'd love for Agnes's album to be that fantastic--I really like her, but I don't think she's come anywhere close to giving us a great album yet...just some great singles.

Poster Girl said...

Oops, my comment to Aaron should be "that review has erased..."