Monday, September 15, 2008

It's like I've been asleep

Gosh, you lose power for a little while and the Internet explodes with new news. Among thing things that have happened (with no commentary for the moment) or that I just found out about, even if they happened earlier:

  • Britney Spears will be releasing her new album, Circus, at the beginning of December, with the single "Womanizer" going out to radios September 22. Songs by Bloodshy & Avant, Max Martin, Dr Luke, Guy Sigsworth, and Danja.
  • Girls Aloud's new single "The Promise" debuted on UK radio.
  • Soraya's semi-danceable new single "Para ti" debuted on Spanish radio.
  • Akcent's new single "Stay With Me" is out and about.
  • Nick Lachey performed a new song, "All In My Head" on that High School Musical: Get In The Picture show he's hosting. It's not a ballad. Well, not really. If fan sites can be believed, it'll come out as a single, with an album, Coming Up For Air, following in January (YouTube says November). (There's also a clip of "All In My Head" from when it appeared on PromoSquad, but that's from a while ago, I think, so I'm not sure if it's still all the same.)

  • The Killers' new Stuart Price-produced album is called Day & Age, comes out November 24, and is preceded by the synth-including single "Human."
(News taken from Popjustice and PubliSpain.)


Aaron said...

I know how you feel! I was away for the weekend - and missed heaps.

Found out about the new Brit album through a Elena Paparizou forum (Strange isn't it!) - but It sounds interesting.

Don't Like The Promise - Would have preferred some new dance type tracks (I've said that everywhere this morning!)

I haven't listened to Soraya - but I loved her duet with Kate Ryan - so I just might have a look!

Thnairg said...

It looks like you might have forgotten to mention that Boyzone are coming out with a new single -- at least it's news to me, aside from the gossipy murmurs I'd heard for the last several months. Of course, I could have totally missed your earlier mention of it, like I did your mention of Sam Sparro. Duh.... ;-)


Paul said...

Loving the Aloud. Can't wait for Human. Britney - we'll see. Her last album was a triumph of what a producer can do :P Ie very good but really how much of that was down to her. I do want womaniser to be fab though (no z for me!)

glad you have weathered the internet itunes storm!

Poster Girl said...

I really really hope the new Britney album is great--from a strategic and health perspective, I can't help wondering if waiting a little while longer would have been better, but from a music-loving perspective, I'm thrilled and can't help wanting to hear it now ;)

Oh, I had heard that a few days ago! What do you think of it? And I write so much stuff sometimes that even I don't remember all of it--I've done posts on songs I didn't think I'd written about only to later realize I actually had already written about them ;)

Paul, as with Britney, I REALLY want the new Killers material to be fantastic and can't wait to hear that either.