Saturday, September 13, 2008

Can it be true?

I'm currently in the midst of computer drama (argh--a different kind from the sort that plagued me all summer, this time seemingly being just iTunes and iPod related), so no post tonight, unfortunately. Hopefully everything will be sorted out soon!

Edit: no, I can't do that--I'm not thrilled about this option either, but here's a super-quick post of the song "Say I'm The One" by Norwegian Eurodance group Reset. It's got a lovely chorus, one of those rising upwards ones, all over some nice if kind of old-school dance beats. It's taken from their 2001 album Calling You, and the only place I know of selling that it at the moment is Discogs. It's a great song that deserves much more written about it--as does the group themselves--but this will have to do for now, given that my brain's not in the right place to do anything requiring any sort of effort.


Paul said...

ugh computer related dramas absolutely suck. Boo those whores. As dramas go they suck worse than the new remake of 90210!! happy fixing :)

Anonymous said...

yikes! i hope the IT issues get worked out soon:')



Poster Girl said...

Thanks guys! :D I've been trouble-free on that front since the day after I wrote this, so hopefully my eventual (after frustrating attempts to fix it) "go to bed and hope everything's fixed itself by the morning" policy ended up working ;)