Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This girl won't stop believing

Hi all--sorry about the lack of posts; normal service should be resumed tomorrow (though in all likelihood there will probably be another temporary interruption coming up--more on that later, though). In the meantime, I've been loving the new Kate Ryan album for the past two days (available in a bunch of digital stores that international customers can use--here, here, and here, for example--and in a bunch of stores that sell physical CDs)--if you're looking for something to fill the musical gap, check out that.


Rick said...

New Kate Ryan OMG TMTH

**so downloading it totally legally**

Alexander said...

I got the 'Spanish' version from 7digital, excellent album. Can't wait to have the physical CD in my hands!

Poster Girl said...

Totally is, Rick! And if you want to see me fighting back the urge to go all text speak, just wait for the approach of June 1.

It really is! I know it's probably too early to judge, but it's "sticking" really well right now for me.