Thursday, May 01, 2008

So watcha gonna do?

Guess who's back?

Elize (or EliZe)! The video above is for her brilliant punchy danceable song "Automatic" from a few years ago, not her new single, "Lovesick" (if you've never heard of her before, check out "Into Your System" as well). The Dutch singer will be recording her new music video soon, if she hasn't already, and shockingly, considering how long it took her to put out her first album, she's taking the photos for a new album and its singles this week--which is good news if it means there's a good chance she's got a record company with some faith in her. According to Elize, the album is due out "after summer," with "Lovesick" coming out in early May (it's also apparently on a compilation album due out May 9).

As for listening "Lovesick" itself, you can listen to a clip here or here (or on her MySpace, but it's the same as that second clip, just in lower quality). I don't think I can really judge it based off these short clips, but I hope it's good.


Robpop said...

So Elektriiiiiiieeeeeeeees!!!!

I love Elize!!! I am going to be having a little Dutch shopping spree in the next couple of weeks/months. I can sense it.

Footnote: is it wrong that i prefer the Shine 4 version? I mean they, the producers, worked wonders with the backing track and the little bursts of bubbles that as act a rift throughout the chorus. Whenever I hear the glorious Elize version I'm left bereft as to the whereabouts of those bubblicious sound-effects.

Adem With An E said...

I wonder if she'll get an Aussie release again through Central Station like she did for Automatic? So one of my favourite pop songs STILL, that one.

Alexander said...

How freaky. Was listening to the album earlier, curious coincidence!

Anyway, that album was such a let down. Should've sold mine on Ebay a long time ago! :/

jonathan13 said...

I loved automatic and I'm no Latino !
I hope her next album will be as good as those 2 songs !!
Thanks for the news :)

Poster Girl said...

No, Robpop--or at least, I can't criticize you! I do stuff like that all the time, even if not in this particular case. I wonder what Shine 4 will do on their next album...

Mine too, I think, Adem! For it alone I'd be interested in what she does next. I had no idea "Automatic" was released in Australia!

It was...from what I remember/listened to. Still, I'm hoping she'll come back with some good new material!

Let's hope, Jonathan :) No problem!