Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It takes just a minute to like it

I love summer compilation albums. Not necessarily because they're packed full of great songs--though some are--but because they can often point you in the direction of some great new songs you had no idea of. I'm looking forward to Spain's Disco Estrella again this year because of that, but since we don't know the tracklisting for that yet, I've been keeping my eye open for others.

As usual, Rix FM is putting out a CD in tandem with their summer festivals. Some titles that jumped out at me because I didn't know about them:

Rongedal, "Who Do You Think You're Foolin"
Patrik Isaksson, "Elddon"
Sonja Aldén, "Nån Som Du"
Anders Johansson, "Ready To Fly"

You can read the whole two CD tracklisting here, if you're interested.

While we're talking about new songs (as well as songs that will be on the Rix FM Festival 2008 CD), Ola's new single is called "Feelgood!" and it'll be played on Rix FM tomorrow at 8 AM Swedish time.


Resa said...

Hej from Göteborg!

Thanks for the heads up about Ola's new single!

BTW, I'm not sure if you're headed here anytime soon but be sure to look in second hand stores for CDS et al. I managed to find autographed copies of Sebastian's debut and Erik Segerstedt's for roughly 60kr together!

Paul said...

Rongedal!! OLA!!! I ain't fooling no one when i say that right now i feelgood :) Bursting with antici (long rocky horror show pause) pation!

Poster Girl said...

Jaha! Säger du det? Göteborg?! How fantastic!!!

Oh, I hope hope hope the songs are good! Plus, P3 Populär is going to play it at 11 AM tomorrow, and that broadcasts in higher quality and is archived for later listening, so we should all definitely be able to hear it tomorrow!

Rick said...

Patrik Isaksson?!?!! **pant pant pant**

Watch the video for 'Ruta 1' on youtube, it's really special. This guy's voice gives me goose bumps.

Poster Girl said...

I'll go look it up right now! I do know the song, but not the video...you're right about his voice, too; I keep meaning to buy some of his albums but haven't got around to it yet, so I've just got random singles at the moment.