Monday, May 05, 2008

Décide de ma vie

Introducing French R&B Willy Denzey may be kind of pointless seeing as I just wrote about him--as well as the song I'm posting--a few days ago, but here's a bit about him anyway. His first album, #1, came out back in 2003 and launched several very successful singles. His second album, Acte II, didn't have as long of a life in terms of singles, but it still faired significantly better than his third album, Mon Royaume, which, after the flop of the (great) 2006 single of the same title (which, I should add, is the only original song of his I know), was never released, though apparently it leaked (maybe even before it was supposed to be released?). Willy's spent the time since then recording the French version of "Bet On It" from High School Musical 2 and recording dance music (of the chill sort) for another project. Now he's back to releasing his own music, though, with a new single and a new album to follow (though it might use some of the songs from that canceled album; I'm not sure).

Décide De Ma Vie--and my love of cute production (done here by Kore of Kore & Skalp, the Raï'n'B Fever guys who, amongst their other work, did Amine's brilliant "J'voulais") strikes again--I never really had a chance at not liking this song. As mentioned before, it's got a percussion beat that bears a resemblance to Diddy's "Last Night," but it's cuter somehow, more fluttery and less insistent, even if it's just about as constant. It doesn't have the oppressive feel of "Last Night"'s beat either, which is partly a result of the fact that, full of cute little synth runs and with more singing, it's much less of a sparse song than "Last Night." Add in some deliberate stuttering in the second half of the chorus and I was guaranteed to fall even further in love; I've been running around singing that part since I first heard a clip of this song...which is kind of a problem seeing as I don't speak French. It's a sharp, clear song that's still adorable and, yes, of course, catchy.

To buy Willy Denzey's single "Décide De Ma Vie," go here (physical) or here (digital). Since this is a new single, it'll only be posted for a short time.

Next up: maybe something South African.


Paul said...

first of all - curse you! DJ Ella has sucked me in with her insane catchiness and now i cant stop listening to it. Second of all - curse you! I have now started to love cute production rnb tracks - this one is quite lovely, as is Chris Brown and VFactory don't do too bad. I'm too old to have my musical boundaries expanded :P

Poster Girl said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry Paul ;) I am glad to hear that you like the songs, though!