Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Your name is written on my heart

(Note: I'm not embedding the video because it's a must-watch but because I can't get any decent pictures of the group; if you want to know what they look like, just watch a bit of the video.)

Say You Want Me

From what I've read, Swiss band Myron sound like the sort of group that would drive most people I know crazy: they're very much being pushed by a certain company and are ripe for all sorts of "they're just a product" accusations. That's not really something that bothers me, though, though it's important to note that the reverse--that something is good just because it's "manufactured" in some way--isn't true either (though I don't know anyone who would argue that). The sound of their lead single, "Say You Want Me," does very much fit in with that whole "intended for mass distribution" idea, being inoffensive radio-oriented pop-rock that's got kind of a hint of genericness to it. Well, that's not quite what I want to say--it's more that it's deliberately trying to fit into a sound most people would call "generic," but in my eyes, it's well done enough that it's not actually generic. Does that make sense? No, probably not--it's late, give me a break; I'll work on figuring out what I really want to say and write about the song again later if I work it out.

The most important thing is that "Say You Want Me," while pushing no musical boundaries (it doesn't want to do that), is an enjoyable slice of pop-rock, one that could be turned into a full-fledged country song with very little difficulty; the fact that the lead singer's voice has a certain twang to it (sort of comparable to, say, a certain quality in Erik Segerstedt's voice) helps with that, but even beyond that, only a few tweaks in arrangement would be needed before you shipped the song off to country radios. You know that radio station in town that's designed for the work place, that's very deliberately nonoffensive and that plays recent hits that could fall into the "easy listening" category as well as '80's and '90's songs that you'd stereotypically think of parents liking? Every city has one of those--well, this is that sort of song. Ish. Easy to swallow, nothing too "distracting" if you were at work...but when it's got a great catchy guitar riff like this one as well as an enjoyable chorus, that's more than fine; I'm glad we've got songs like this in the world too. I actually think "Say You Want Me" is really great, though I'd be surprised if too many other people do.

To buy Myron's debut album On Air, go here (digital).


AcerBen said...

This is not bad.. thanks for the tip. I suppose it is pretty generic and won't cross any borders but it's worth the download.

Have you ever heard of the German band Frameless?

madforsadler said...

Ooh I remember how much I loved this back when you first posted about it...and now a high quality version? how exciting?

Anonymous said...

I really love this song along with the sound of the sound of the clips of their other songs.
In fact they sound brilliant, i love these summery pop-rock songs.
It will probably be a while before i get their album though as ive spent to much recently lol.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh also i finally brought Sibel's album last week, i couldnt resist spending the last of it in the end lol.
But you will LOVE 'Don't You Wanna Know' its an amazing dance-pop song, its quite a simple but lovely pop song which i strongly recommend you download.
Also 'Maybe Someday' is a great pop gem.
The rest of the album is very good to though mostly ballads.

Digital Technique said...

Ooh I like this song, never heard of them but if this is anything to go by will have to track down some more of their material. While it is a generic pop-rock song, it is done better than many of them.

Thanks for introducing them to me!

Poster Girl said...

Ben, I remember hearing of them on your site, I'm pretty sure, but that's it--I've never heard an album from them or anything!

Ha ha, yeah, I had to have it in high quality! :D I was glad to see it available on digital services because Swiss music sometimes seems so hard to get.

I've heard the preview for "Don't You Wanna Know" and was worried it might just be generic dance-pop (i.e., "let's throw something on here for the schlager lovers" without too much thought about making it great), but if you say it's great, Conor, I'll need to hear it! I can relate to the spending too much money on albums problem, too ;)

I should add for Conor and DT that I haven't heard their album so I can't say whether it's worth a purchase or not. They did just release a new single, though; if you want to see if you like them past a one song basis, the video's on YouTube here.