Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Would you die for me like I'd die for you?

A certain album was put up on Swedish iTunes today (listen to clips of it on iTunes here if you want to) and, though I'm holding off on buying the whole thing since I'll be getting the physical version, I couldn't help myself from picking up a couple of songs, the SoundFactory remix of a certain 2008 Melodifestival entry (a bonus track) and the song I'm posting today. From the sounds of it, it's NOT all ballads, though it's definitely not a schlager album or a predominantly uptempo album either. It really sounds like there are a lot of good songs on it.

Nobody Without You--a rocky song? On this album? Hard to believe, but yes, though with several caveats--it's more "slightly rocky," not full rock, and it actually doesn't have hugely prominent guitars, but it still manages to come off as kind of rocky, which is pretty impressive. It's very...interesting on an instrumental level, not at all what I was expecting to hear--from that distinctive opening bass (of the string sort) through that constantly building verse and that near-release "under your commaaaaannnd" and (the especially amazing) "knowing that I aaaaaaaaa-aa-aa-aa-aa-am" leadup into the chorus, you just know you're in for something big; as a song, it's a lot grander (and not in a big giant ballad way), dramatic, and occasionally more ominous than I would have expected anything on this album to be. The chorus is great, but if I'm being picky I wonder if it isn't the 150% knockout I'd love it to have given all the other amazing things about this song, but--no, I take that back; anyway, even if I hadn't, there are too many great things about this song for me to really complain and the writers and producers have so many random tricks up their sleeves that you never quite know what to expect next--random delicate "eye of the hurricane" break that suddenly morphs into a slightly pop-rock-soul-inspired section before returning quickly to that pounding chorus? Sure! Falling in-round type ending? Why not? Even if it wasn't a great song, I'd really have to commend them on their boldness (in this context), but luckily, it's that too. Oh, and anyone else notice that runtime? A bit suspicious, no?

You can buy this album here (physical); it comes out tomorrow. This song was said a while ago to the next single, so it'll only be posted for a very short time in case that's still happening.

Next up: maybe something Mexican or those American singers.


Anonymous said...

I live in the UK so looks like i wont be able to get this =[

The album sounds great from the clips especially 'Those Were The Days And Nights Of Loving You' & 'Magic'.

Hopefully this may appear on the UK I-Tunes?


Alexander said...
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turnaround said...

Hey, been looking forward to check the songwriter credits. Interesting.

"I can catch the moon" is lovely and we don't have to talk about "Empty room".

Will check the rest now.

By the way: http://www.cheiron-songwriters.de.vu is back now again :)


Anonymous said...

Do you have the song " I can catch the moon" From the same album ?

Andrew said...

Does anyone know where I can download/buy this cd....I love the song "tomorrow ends today"!
Great music post and thanks for opening me up to yet another amazing artist!

Poster Girl said...

Anonymous, it's possible--Sibel's album did!--but if it doesn't, you can still order a physical copy of the album from here, though it is kind of expensive once you take shipping and everything into account, or from CDOn.com. If you're willing to use a different digital download store, there might be somewhere else you can buy the album--see my message to Andrew in this same comment. I really like that "I was granted a wish and you were the dream" line in "Those Were The Days And Nights Of Loving You;" it's a great song in general too! One of my favorites on the album, I think.

Yeah, I was glad to see iTunes lists them all! I'm SO happy the forum's back :D

I do--I got the album today; if you really want just that song, see my comment to Andrew below this about that digital download store. As a general comment to anyone, let me know if it's region-restricted!

Andrew, you've got a good ear--it's a great song, one with a sound I would never have expected from Sanna! So...moody and (to steal Aftonbladet's word) chilly. It's got a really interesting sound to it. You can buy a physical version of the album from here and you might be able to pay for a download of the album here--the only thing I'm not sure of is if there were region restrictions placed on that download one (i.e., if they'll let you buy it from wherever you're living), but it'll be easy enough to tell--if you click on that link and the page has a message saying something about this album not being available in your region, then you can't buy it from there, but if it doesn't, you can buy high quality mp3s of the whole album from there. Thanks, too :)

Poster Girl said...

Oops--that digital download store I meant to link to is here.