Monday, April 07, 2008

Why don't you score me?

How many times do I have to say it? I LOVE LORIE. Just look at this poster:

Iconic. I need that picture without all the writing on it ASAP, so it can get filed right next to this one:

In other news, she's got a bunch of remixes out to go along with the release of "Play" (listen to clips of some at her MySpace [of note because it's surprising is the last track in the player, a "UK Dub" that actually finds Lorie singing in English--I'm 99.9% positive I'll end up preferring the French version, but I'd still be interested to hear an English version] or on French iTunes here [long remixes] and here [radio length remixes]), which happened just this week. The track is so amazing on its own that it doesn't really need remixes, but I love that she's spoiling us with them (well, if by "us" you mean people who are French). I've got no idea what's up with "Lonely," a dance track by 2 AM that she features on--is it out? serviced to clubs? ever getting released?--but you can listen to the whole thing below. It's more pure dance than what's actually on her album; it's also in English. Ian Masterson is one of the people behind 2 AM, I think.

What's up with the music video, though? Are we ever getting the full thing, or will we just have to make do with this clip?


Yuяi said...

Definitely iconic! I am loving Lorie too, even if she's "just for kids"! :P

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha! I'm so glad someone else is appreciating her too :D BTW, you've got an e-mail coming to you hopefully in the next day or two--I may have finally narrowed down a certain list of songs... ;)

Yuяi said...

Oooh cool! Can't wait for that list! :)

jonathan13 said...

Poster Girl if you like french pop (and i know you do ;) ) you have to listen to Priscilla.
It's a 18 years old singer. She released her first album when she was somethin like 12.
Her last album "Casse comme du verre" is really great, especially the song "Casse comme du verre". Just send me a message if u wanna know more about it ;-)
P.S : I like this 2.A.M song :)

RV said...

in fact, "lonely" has been released as the Bside to Lorie's first CD single from her 2LORenmoi album in France "Je vais vite" so there should be no further talkin' about this Thriller Jill aka Ian Masterson / Terry Ronald / Paul Harris collaboration

Poster Girl said...

It's so funny you mention her--I just saw her name the other day and was wondering if I should check her out--I'm pretty sure Robpop recommended her/one of her songs--I'll have a look around and let you know if I need help ;) Thanks--and thanks for the tip!

Ah, thanks so much for the info, RV! I had no idea--I didn't (as you can tell) get the physical single, and I was wondering what was happening with it.