Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tan enamorada

Rebeca spends most of her time in the new low budget video for "Se Me Olvidó" camping it up in underwear and angel wings on top of a bed in front of religious symbols, making dramatic gestures while waving sheets around, and generally looking like she should be in a telenovela. It's all very "too much, LOL!" (in the cheap sense), but it's fun, as is the song once it ditches that opening ballad style of the first minute.

In other random artist news, Ola is apparently working on a single that will be released this summer (he's already recorded it but it's being worked on, or something; I'd really like to know who's behind it). Before that, though, Good Enough will be re-released sometime in the upcoming weeks.

Also, if you like the idea of a group whose songs are "like Van Halen's Jump pushed one hundred times bigger" (which would be a big big YES from me), run over to #1 Hits From Another Planet and read about the Galvatrons.


Mari'Jean said...

So... we can say that Rebeca is like Madonna's very old video "Like a Prayer''?

Paul said...

I am VERY into Ola at the moment. I am devouring his two albums and pretending i am him in front of the mirror to Love in Stereo. Though that title's a bit dated isn't it? Love in Surround Sound with woofer speakers is more now. Oh well. I will take what I can get. Bring on new Ola. And pray it's not like new Espin. Woohoo!

jonathan13 said...

Hey Poster Girl ! Just a message to tell you Jennie Let Me Love You by EMD is avaible in HQ :)
I found it on Poptastic (sorry for the ad, not my website moreover :p)

Thanks again for your great website !

Michaell said...

Rebeca's cheap ass video makes 'Higher' by Heidi Montag look like it was directed by Spielberg

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha ha!

Paul, I'm so glad to hear that! I'm struggling to think of an artist who's recently had a string of singles as fantastic as the "Natalie"/"S.O.S."/"Love In Stereo" one--the only way it could be any better was if "Can't Get Enough" was somewhere in the mix, because in my eyes those four songs are about as perfect as pop gets. I REALLY hope this next single is by the same people who made those songs.

Hi Jonathan! I've had "Jennie Let Me Love You" for almost a month now (three weeks? Something like that, anyway), but thank you for the news anyway :) I just never posted it because it was easy to buy an mp3 of it from their official website.

Michaell, I think my favorite part is the borders--they just add that perfect final touch of "we really spent no money on this" to the whole thing.

Michaell said...

if I didn't know she's Spanish I'd say its a polish production, they use these cheap borders in almost every video -- apart from that, you just have to like Rebeca, homegirl tries sooo hard to find her way to success :')