Friday, April 18, 2008

Que d'autres n'ont pas

It's been a little while since I posted a radio rip of a song, I think, but I've done it before when I've been excited enough about the song to do so; today's song is another case of that.

When I mentioned that clip of the extended mix earlier, I said that the song sounded like it was actually going to end up a lot better than I was expecting when I heard the concept (what was going to be covered) and when I heard that first leaked remix, and it is--it could maybe use a little more of an ending, but I can actually see myself loving this and playing it a lot throughout the year.

Since it's been sent out to radios, I'm sure they'll be a high quality version out and about soon, but I thought some people might be as curious as I was to hear the whole thing (the radio edit), so here it is. As I said, though, it's a radio rip; you'll have to turn the volume up a lot because of that, and (if the clip of the extended version is anything to go on) some of the production details are lost due to the lower quality.

The new album will be called Free, by the way; it's not available for preorder yet, but you can preorder this single, listed as being out May 13 (is that right? That's a week before her official site says the album is out), here (physical). The song will be posted just for a short time, of course, since it's a new single.


Rick said...

Oh my... I don't know about this one. It's almost like a heresy to me to remake a France Gall song and lose all of the loose feel of the original.

Do do do dooooooooo do do doooooooooo

Poster Girl said...

See, I know what you're talking about, and it is true that you put a dance beat under anything and I'll probably like it...

...but I'm enjoying this way more than I expected to. I mean, I'm always all "I like pop Kate more than trance Kate" and "covers are bad," so the fact that I've played this a bunch of times has kind of surprised me--it does help not being too familiar with the original, though, I'm sure!

Michaell said...

her voyage cover was FAR better, still this one's cool aswell

Poster Girl said...

I'm not sure which I prefer yet--I liked her cover of "Voyage Voyage" but didn't love it as much as some people--we'll see, I guess ;)