Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh my god, here I go again--I'm about to get in deep

From Espen Lind's MySpace blog:

Brand new single out soon!

Espen is currently working on his 5th studio album. The album is expected coming fall.
First single from the album will be out on radio in Norway shortly. The song will be added to the playlist here very soon - stay tuned!

From his MySpace bio:

Espen is currently in the studio finalizing his 5th album, set for release fall 2008. First single from this album “Scared of Heights” is expected on radio in Norway from May 1st.
This single and album presents a new chapter of Espen’s musical career…. Stay tuned for more info!

Oh. My. Gosh. It's really happening! Now if only I was able to buy from Norwegian iTunes...I wonder what "Scared Of Heights" sounds like...

(Speaking of him, Thnairg just recently reviewed his third/fourth album, April.)

Edit: while we're at it, let's watch a performance of his duet with Sissel, 2001's "Where The Lost Ones Go," which he co-wrote--now this is what I want from a ballad. And (speaking of the recorded version this whole time) from a duet--Sissel's soaring operatic vocals are incredible, but I couldn't appreciate them or the song as much without Espen's counterbalancing grounding part. The words "epic" and "timeless" may get tossed around a lot, but if any song ever deserved them, it's this one.


Paul said...

ooo new Espin! And 5th album! Who knew? Well clearly you and probably everyone else, but not me. I love it when press releases announce that it's a new chapter. it always give me pause - After all Gareth Gates 3rd album was a new chapter. Oh my days.

PS don't forget about the swedish pop song and the british boy band!

Poster Girl said...

Oh yes! Though you already know the boy band and the Swedish pop song is in Swedish, so they may not be too exciting for you ;)

No, I think this news is really new! When I google searched Espen's name and the song title last night, literally nothing came up--Google hadn't even registered the fact that his MySpace had announced that, so at least the title must be pretty new (that's changed now, though)!

I know...I'm not sure about the "new chapter" thing, BUT it could be a good thing--I would welcome a move away from the all acoustic guitar ballads style of April--as great a mind for melody as he has, a little more variety wouldn't go amiss.