Saturday, April 05, 2008

Iubire, tu aduci lumina-n inima mea

(Picture credit to Discogs.)

Dance group/project Crush & Alexandra Ungureanu have had a series of hits in Romania. The group, which may be going by just Crush & Alexandra now, is made up of two behind-the-scenes sort of guys and (female) singer Alexandra. They've released two albums so far (and maybe even a single in the Netherlands?), with the song I'm posting today, which was released in late 2007, being from their second album.

Hello--don't be fooled by that title--though the group records songs in both English and Romanian, this one is in Romanian. That's a good thing, though: Romanian can be a lovely language to listen to. "Hello" has a trance-inspired backing, but it's never "hard trance"--the base backing music has this washing over you type feeling to it. There are enough effects layered on top of that backing music, though, that the song isn't just background music-worthy, and there's a beat underneath it that keeps it moving forward; on the other hand, the song never feels busy--"pretty" (or "beautiful," depending on how much you're won over) would probably be just about the right word for it...or maybe "lovely." Side note: the well-intentioned if melodramatic (is there a better word for something that's all on the happy side of the spectrum?) video clip is worth watching just because it captures the upbeat feel of the song so well.

To buy Crush & Alexandra Ungureanu's second album, Hello, go here (physical).

Next up: maybe a singer from a nearby country or that Belgian singer.

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