Sunday, April 13, 2008

Don't regret it but I still live with the side effects

Quick note: I just upgraded from old Blogger to new Blogger; I'm not happy with what it's done to the blog's formatting, but it was necessary for a couple of functional reasons (one being that if you click on a label the "older posts" option will still be available at the bottom of the page if I've used that label a lot [before, you could only view the last x many posts using that label and there was no way to filter and view the older posts with that label] and another being that from the time I started this blog I've always wanted to be able to put quotations underneath the blog's title and was never HMTL fluent enough to do it in the old format). I may play around with the look later, when I've got more time and patience.


Rick said...

Switch to Squarespace. $6 a month, tons of features, easy CRM, loads of memory and bandwidth.

Poster Girl said...

The idea of trying to move everything somewhere scares me! If I do decide to totally relocate, though, I'll definitely keep that in mind--thanks!