Monday, March 17, 2008

Värför gör du som du gör?

Linda Bengtzing's new album Vild & Galen is on the Swedish iTunes now, if you're interested in getting to listen to the clips of the songs. Alternatively, if you don't feel like bothering with changing your country on iTunes, you can listen to clips here.


Anonymous said...

where can i buy this album?! Skivhugget is closed now... and cdon doesnt ship to north america?!

Poster Girl said...

I generally use Megastore (they've got the biggest selection available to international buyers that I know of), though Bengans also ships internationally and artists will sometimes sell signed copies of the album there--Linda's doing that, so if you want to order a signed copy of the album, you can do that here--I think it might even be cheaper there, though you'll want to check the math on that yourself!