Thursday, March 20, 2008

Speaking up was never quite your style

Heaven help me, but I'd started to forget how amazing a group Universal Poplab are. It's a very good thing that they've released a new single to remind us all of it, then--it came out a month or two ago, but I only found out about it now (that's what I get for not checking It's A Trap daily). They're yet another group I owe my knowledge of to the much-missed Catchy Tunes of Sweden, though #1 Hits has written about them too; I've not yet bought their first album, but if you see their second (Uprising) anywhere, snap it up--not only are singles like "I Could Say I'm Sorry" and "Heart Apart" some of the best electro-pop you'll hear, there's a lot more to enjoy than just those songs. That plus the fact that this new single is great has me now very excited for their next album (skipping over their remix album), Seeds, due out May 7.

In case you missed it earlier, you absolutely have to hear their 2006 single "I Could Say I'm Sorry." "Heart Apart" is really a must-listen too, but there's no video for that (you can listen to it in the music section of their site, though).

Fame & Hate--musically this is more of the upbeat ridiculously catchy electro-pop we've come to know Universal Poplab can deliver, but the lyrics about the price of fame--which I could imagine putting some people off, but they work for me--aren't upbeat at all, as you might guess from the title. Nevertheless, just try listening to it without being hit by the urge to have a big smile plastered all over your face, just because of the fact that someone in the world is making songs this great, or to sing along. That chorus is pop perfection right down to the backing vocals--in fact, the whole song is a complete gem. Thank goodness for this group.

To buy Universal Poplab's single "Fame & Hate," go here (physical; they've made it kind of difficult to buy, but you can easily buy their album Uprising here [physical] or here [digital, as DRM-free mp3s]).

Next up: maybe that Italian/Swiss singer.


D'luv said...

Hmmm. Poplab look so familiar. I think I slept with two of them at Austin City Limits last fall, while waiting for LCD Soundsystem to take the stage.

Nick said...

Love Universal Poplab, though personally I think the first album is better. Snatch it up if you can find a copy!

Poster Girl said...

D'luv, how could you?

...didn't the other guy feel left out?

I'll definitely have to find a copy then, Nick--thanks for the advice!