Saturday, March 15, 2008

Now I know what real love is supposed to be

Right, so, Melodifestivalen tonight: what do I want to happen?

Charlotte is who I'm hoping, really hoping, will win. I'd definitely be more than fine with a Linda win as well (though that's not at all on the agenda, based on polls), and I'd be fine or live with a BWO win, though not be as pleased and thrilled as I would be in the prior two cases (I think...I'm sure when things start happening my real emotions that I didn't even realize I had will bubble to the surface).

I like Sanna and Sibel...but I don't want either to win, though there's a very good chance the former could. I'd definitely cheer either of them on at Eurovision, though, in the event that one did.

I really don't feel like it's a sure thing at all what will end up happening, but it should be exciting. I like the vast majority of songs in the final (Amy's song is really great [I'd actually prefer to see it win ahead of some of the songs above, though that's not really an option either]--incredibly poppy--I think Rongedal's song is good and international-quality, and even if I'm in the minority, I like Frida and Headline's song too--I think it's a lot of fun), so it should make for some fantastic viewing.

So anyway: go Charlotte! And happy Melodifestival viewing to everyone watching the show--you can watch it on the Internet via a link at this site at 8 PM Swedish time (2 PM EST) tonight.


Kevin said...

PG, we are not in Summer Time (aka Daylight Saving Time) yet! MF will start at 15:00 EST.

BTW, Linda has (finally!) been remixed for the first time.

If you ever wonder why other remixers/producers never touch a MF entry, is because MF is considered the pinnacle of cheese, and many of them (i.e. Stoney, members of the Swedish House Mafia) wouldn't be caught dead remixing/producing MF entries.

If you want the Linda mixes, you know what to do... ;)

Baszjuh said...


Rick said...

Out on the line
Like a star

(OK, it doesn't rhyme but I'm sooooOOOOOO over the moon... just liiiike the moooooon... empty roooooom)

Poster Girl said...

Oh yeah--I forgot about the daylight savings time thing--I hope no one in the U.S. was reading this and using it to know when the show started! Apologies if you were! Interesting! Who remixed Linda? I know SoundFactory did, but I passed on getting the song because I'd heard negative things about the remix...did other people do mixes as well? Or is the SoundFactory one actually good?

WOOOO!!!! I was freaking out last night! :D

Love the transition into "Empty Room," and yes, yes, YES! AMAZING! I am SO thrilled!

Baszjuh said...

I think only SoundFactory remixed Linda's song atm? I don't think its very good though, SF mixes are usually much better!

Poster Girl said...

That's what I'd heard about it! Shame--I do usually like their work. Thanks for confirming that for me, though :)

Jaker said...

I'm SO glad I wasn't the only dolt who was completely confused by the time change. 2:00 I was FREAKING OUT trying to figure out why I could only get a video of that girl who sang The Worrying Kind.

Whoo! Glad we got THAT figured out.

Poster Girl said...

Better early than late, though! ;) Though I do have an excuse...

Speaking of that cover, I wonder who'll cover "Hero" next year?