Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Never to stop believin'

Since I was on a Finnish music kick a few days ago, here are a couple of new-ish Finnish singles that I won't be or can't be posting (at least for now) but that are worth a mention.

One of the two main singers/vocalists for the band Kwan is going solo. Mariko, the female singer, will be releasing an album called Fabulous Tonight on April 2. The lead single, "Unstoppable" (playing on her MySpace), isn't amazing and it feels a little more typical pop or pop-rock than her self-applied label of "crankdisco" would imply, but I am interested to hear more (especially given that album title).

Oh Backstreet Boys, what have you wrought? You come back with a big dramatic power ballad in 2005 and the other old boy bands are falling over themselves to follow in your footsteps. I guess XL5 were a popular Finnish boy band back in the '90's and now they've returned with "Tuulee," which, from the clips I've heard, actually genuinely sounds great. Yeah, it is very much in that aforementioned vein of big dramatic grown up boy band power ballad, but it sounds like they've got it pretty much exactly write with "Tuulee." Of course, it's hard to judge a song on the short clips I've heard of it (there's a forty-five second clip on their MySpace), but it's definitely a song I really want to hear all of and think I'll love.

In non-Finnish news, I'm not sure if everyone besides me knew this already, but I read that Kleerup's album will come out in late April. Linda Bengtzing (March 19), Charlotte Perrelli (April 23), Sanna Nielsen (April), and Kleerup--it's going to be an expensive next couple of months for Swedish pop lovers.

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