Wednesday, March 05, 2008

J'oublie le monde autour juste 5 minutes

Lorie continues to try to sell her incredibly underrated 2Lor En Moi? album (my second favorite album of 2007), today releasing the video for new single "Play," and...

LOOK AT THIS. LOOK AT THIS, WORLD. This album has been Lorie becoming an amazing popstar right in front of your eyes, and this video proves it.

I'm not going to brook any more of this ridiculous "oh, she's just for kids" nonsense--that may have been the case before last year, but "Play" was one of the best songs I heard in all of 2007, a stomping dance-pop song backed by strings and with lovely sweet-sounding verses that make the punchy chorus all the more amazing, and Lorie's gone and made yet another glossy video for it, one that's even better than the one for "Je Vais Vite," full of wind machined hair, flashing club lights, fantastic outfits, the very best sort of posing, and an incredible sense of dynamism.

If one of the Minogues or Britney had made this people would be praising it or at the least paying attention to it, but no, because it's Lorie she's destined to a future of being mocked by people from France and being ignored by everyone outside of France (and quickly rejected if they do notice her).

Those references I just made, though, aren't to say that Lorie sounds like those artists--in fact, that's another reason 2Lor En Moi? is even more deserving of attention: sure, it's got a track with Richard X on it, but the most exciting thing of all about it is that it's primarily French-created and manages to carve out its own sound. If I was French, I'd be proud of that--that our songwriters and producers can create top-quality dance-pop that doesn't have to shamelessly ape another artist's sound.

This song and video are the stuff international pop fans dream of. Please, France, make it a hit.


Baszjuh said...

oh this is great :)

Jaker said...

Yeah it is!

She's grown up, hasn't she?

Rick said...

Une love song...

Thanks for making me aware of this. You are absolutely right about if Kylie or Britney recorded this it would likely be massive (but with so much OTT forced humour) At least this still manages to be cool and French.

Robpop said...

Amazing. Simply amazing.


I think the problem is this.

This video. The song. I feel as if i've seen/heard it before. Its been done. Its very Spanish. The spanish divas were doing this yonks ago. Forget The Spears. Dump the minogues. I don't even have to refer to them. Sweden, Germany, UK and Spain offered this kind of music quite some time ago.

This is its problem. Its sublime. Its brilliant. Lorie is fantastic.

There is just one issue. & that was stated above (i think this is why she is being ignored). That doesn't take away that punchy chorus. Or the glorious video.

Lorie is amazing. I will always be a super fan. If she was releasing her music in Spanish.....or in Spain this would be huge. Its not the first time a french singer has done such a thing.

Jo said...

Okay i have to admit this song's one of the best she's done.
I'm French and i have nothin against her but..dude ! The lyrics suck and i think that's the problem for we, french ! Lyrics are so bad we can't listen to this music.
It would have been a hit if she had sang in english.

Poster Girl said...

I'm glad you like it! :D

She has! I was thinking that as well--though she still looks so young in that last shot of the video.

No problem--I'm glad you like it! It is funny you use the word "cool"--maybe here, but in France she's still anything but...

Robpop, I see your point--I guess I just think all those singers should have been successful! ;) In their native markets--I'm not arguing this song should be an international hit. This type of music may be common, but it's not always done this well (though yes, others have), so I think I still appreciate it when someone gets it this right. I totally get where you (and you're a fan!) coming from, though.

Jo, you do raise an interesting point, and one I can't really dispute: French (obviously ;) ) isn't my native language, so you may be right that the lyrics really hinder the song to the ears of a native speaker. Though I usually don't see the lyrics of songs as mattering too much to me (the sound of them matters but not usually what they mean), there are some cases where they do--I absolutely can't listen to Alizée's English versions of her songs, for example. I think, knowing me, though, that I'd still end up liking this song even if I was a native French speaker--I mean, one of my favorite dance songs of last year was based around the lines "So baby, can you fix me?/'Cause my fever's only getting stronger"--I guess I just have a high tolerance for meaningless/clichéd lyrics, especially if the music behind them is good enough.