Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jag är solo i Stockholm

Gosh, we're just getting flooded with Swedish music videos now, aren't we?

Back when I wrote about Brolle's latest single, "Solo i Stockholm," I mentioned the little making of the music video clip we'd seen made me want to see the actual thing--any video with running towards the camera at a steadily increasing pace before falling to the ground dramatically in despair in the middle of a snow-covered landscape as the camera continues to pull away had to be worth seeing.

Well, it's out now...and I think the making of clip may have made it seem better than it was. It's fine, but not worth watching unless you really like the song (plus, in the aforementioned scene, I kind of wish they'd kept pulling away after he falls to the ground instead of cutting back to a closer-up shot of his back). The funniest thing about it may be that Aftonbladet is billing it as "Brolles heta kärleksvideo"--there's like five seconds of him lying shirtless in a bed with a girl, including a quick kiss, and that's it--otherwise there really couldn't be less love or fewer "hot" scenes in it. Still a great song, at any rate, though.


EuropeCrazy said...

Yep, I agree it's not really much of a video, but the song is so good, so dramatic and so....Swedish, and therefore I can forgive Brolle everything. I see he's still got the Elvis-look going on too.

Poster Girl said...

That's very true! ;)