Thursday, March 20, 2008

If I had a dollar for every time we had a fight...

All right, now, universe, stop messing about: I like Alex Vargas. We've established that a bunch of times. I wish him loads of success.


With the upcoming release of a version of "All The Way" on deep-voiced Canadian/French-releasing singer Garou's English language album Piece Of My Soul (out in May; apparently "Stand Up" is written by Rob Thomas and "Accidental" is by Mattias Lindblom of Vacuum), there will be no less than FOUR versions of "All The Way" out and about: Alex's version (which I've only got in low quality, but it's great), Alex's acoustic version (my favorite version, I think, oddly enough), Markus Fagervall's version, and Garou's (and who knows, maybe there are more versions out there that I don't know about). That is all well and good, but WHEN is SOMEONE going to release "Diamonds In The Dirt"? My life is not going to be complete until I have a version of it that isn't a shady low quality MySpace rip!

I still think it could potentially be an ace Idol winner song in the vein of Aleksander With's "A Little Too Perfect," and that would certainly get it the exposure and hit status it deserves...but couldn't you just put your version up for sale on iTunes? I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Heck, I even bought that iTunes EP that didn't even have my two favorite of your songs on it. Please?

(Note that, for reasons I'd like to think are related to the song being licensed out for release by someone but probably aren't given that it's been going on two years since it was last on his MySpace, there's nowhere on the Internet where you can to listen to "Diamonds In The Dirt.")


Paul said...

the universe is messing with your mind!! Nasty universe. I often get feelings like that - like when is Deborah Gibson going to release the ace remix version of Rich Girl instead of the piss poor demo that was on her myspace. Boo that whore, etc.

PS - you'll never guess who i am dining with on Wednesday. Think mini british tour. Think ice. Think euro! Think unbelievable!

Poster Girl said...

The universe IS messing with me!

Oh. My. Gosh. You're kidding! Really? Have a fantastic time!