Saturday, March 08, 2008

Flyin' on a G-V, G-V

It's nice to see no expense was spared in the filming of Jesse McCartney's new music video.

...I'm not sure whether director Sanji (also of "Break Anotha") just specializes in making videos seem cheaper than they actually are or whether he's the go-to guy for when you know you've got no money to spend. On the plus side, it might have comedy rewatch value--I burst out laughing at Jesse's expression and finger wagging at the "no more making you cry" line at 2:46. Plus, it's always nice to watch music videos and think "I could make that!", isn't it?


D'luv said...

Wow. This song really sucks. And him using the word "shorty" is laughable. Wasn't he some guitar tween a few years back?

Poster Girl said...

He was--he's looking to have a very schizophrenic three albums at this rate (not that I have a problem with that, though).

I'm predicting an appearance from this in your end of 2008 lists, then, D'luv...though if it flops the world may have forgotten it by then.