Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Come closer, don't wait a minute

I'm pretty sure the first time I heard Milky's single "Be My World" was on a remix CD I bought mainly for the remix of Ricky Martin's "I Don't Care" on it (oh, shush). I was reminded of it the other day when I finally got around to ripping a compilation CD from the brilliant Catchy Tunes label (September? Lucky Twice? Elin Lanto? ToNi? And loads of other great songs? All from Catchy Tunes). If Wikipedia can be believed, they were a dance group whose producers were from Italy and whose lead singer was originally from Egypt. In 2003, their single "Just The Way You Are," a lovely bit of light happy-go-lucky dance-pop fluff (in the best way possible) based on some catchy "do do doo"s, charted at #8 in the UK. "In My Mind" might have been their second single (I'm not sure), but if it is, I'd say compared to what came before and after it it's definitely a low point for the group. The song I'm posting today is what I think was the group's third single, and probably my favorite, though it's a tough call between this and "Just The Way You Are."

Be My World--I wish I knew more about the types of dance music and could say which subgenre this properly fits into. In lieu of that, though, I'll just say that it's very commercial, very light, very poppy (you could quite easily just call it a pop song, really), and very upbeat. The "do do doo"s of "Just The Way You Are" have been swapped out for some "na na na"s and the whole song just proceeds along in such a simple, sweet way and with such a nice groove--one that sucks you in but doesn't really demand anything of you--that it's a great mood-lifter (a little bit like, say, "Love At First Sight" in that respect, though not as...pure-sounding as that song). Milky's singer has a distinctive voice that makes it obvious who this song belongs to, but I can picture some other dancefloor-friendly female singers that could quite easily sing it as well.

To buy Milky's single "Be My World" go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: maybe something Irish.


The Blogger Formerly Known As Digital Technique said...

Awww....I love Milky! Just The Way You Are is one of the best pop-dance songs ever! The album Star had some great songs on it....just a shame they only seem to have released 2 singles.

Keira said...

Haha, Milky. Thats a bit of a running joke on the Sounds of Europe. Every week we take Just The Way You Are as a back up to play if all else fails, but we never do play it. Maybe in the last week... (Although Rachel hates it, so maybe not).

Andrew Howard said...

I love Milky, I have been in search of her cd for over a year now...Im glad to see her music still getting noticed. Out of curiosity, do you by chance have her cd titled "Star" or know where I can download it at?!? Thanks for the post once again!

Poster Girl said...

It really is (re: "Just The Way You Are")! It's funny, I was looking around online for more information and saw a MySpace that actually seems real and has new-ish songs uploaded from them/her--maybe there's still some sort of hope we'll get another single somewhere in the world, even if not from Star?

Ha ha--she shouldn't! I'm glad you haven't been forced to use it yet, though!

Andrew, I do! I'll e-mail you later tonight or tomorrow.

D'luv said...

Aww, Milky reminds me of when L.A. had a dance music FM radio station in 2003, which switched formats to alt rock on New Year's Day 2004.

Check out Solitaire's "I Like Love" if you've never heard...good jam, that.

Andrew Howard said...

Hey Poster Girl...Thanks for the response...I cant wait to finally be able to listen to Milky's cd, Im sure it will be well worth the wait...Thanks for the post again! LOVE the page!

Poster Girl said...

I don't know that one, D'luv! I'll go look it up!

No problem--and thank you!

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I love milky too, I'M happy to see her music still getting noticed, thank you so much for the post