Saturday, March 01, 2008

Been watchin' you all day

Two things came to mind when I saw the following clip from the making of Jesse McCartney's new music video:

1.) Not only was "Leavin'" clearly inspired by "If That's OK With You," Jesse's gone even further with his Shayne Ward influences by basing his new music video off the one for "No U Hang Up."

2.) ...wait, are we sure this is the filming of a music video we're watching? And not just some really low budget...y'know? They couldn't even spring for sheets!

In other news, two hours! Two hours until Melodifestivalen!


D'luv said...

Woah! That's totally a "No U Hang Up" vid rip! Ick... and how unsexy to watch a making of...

And, you're a filthy little minx for posting this... and I like it!!

Poster Girl said...

Given that this video is supposedly by the same guy that did Blake's video, I can't help thinking Jesse's just a part of the next innovation in music video budget reduction strategy: "Hey Jesse, you know that sex tape you filmed last weekend? Yeah, why don't you just bring that by the studio and we'll edit it down into something decently TV friendly."

Also, my mind was officially BOGGLED by him getting real PopJustice front page treatment complete with more clips and praise today--I'm still not convinced it's not all part of some elaborate joke.