Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is how it's gonna look, just like this

Oh Blake. An interview with him by the people from MySpace was posted as a video just recently. You don't hear the questions--they just appear as still screens with text written on them--so for all we know the questions we see aren't the actual questions asked, but the first question really made me laugh:

"'How Many Words' became a hit despite not being considered a single by your label. What were your initial feelings on making 'How Many Words' a single?"

If just barely charting inside the iTunes top 100 for one day when the album was released counts as a hit, then yes, it's been a hit. Otherwise, aren't we getting a bit ahead of ourselves?

In better Blake news, he'll be performing "How Many Words" on Idol on March 6, the day we find out the top 12.

He was on some VH1 show, too (not one of their reality shows), but, um, not really worth most people's time.

(Though it's fantastic that he'll be performing on Idol, I can't help thinking "How Many Words" should be being released to radios now--preferably before now--so that it doesn't have virtually no plays when he goes on and performs it.)


Paul said...

oh blake blake blake blake blake. Sigh. I am so disappointed with your record company. Good for you for being on Idol again, but please, that show only now sells records if you are rock or country. Or Daniel Powter. Still good to see he is still plodding on :) I'm telling ya it's all about Britain!

Poster Girl said...

I know. Plus, it's the announcement of the top 12--I know loads of people who don't even start watching the show until after that, until the top 12 actually start performing! I'm with you--let's ship him off to the UK now.

Yuяi said...

Well, HMW may enter the HOT 100 the week after that Idol performance--as many songs do when seen by 30 million folks, and may possibly be considered a "hit" then. I agree PPG, an iTunes chart does not constitue a hit in my book. Sounds very much like the "Break Anotha is climbing the charts" comment from awhile back.

I'm still worried he's gonna be dropped from the record label. Not that it would be the worst thing ever since 19/Arista sucks, but you know what I mean.

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, I really don't think (and I'll say it in the comments here) he's going to get a hit from this album...but I still love the album, so I still keep writing about it :) And I know exactly what you mean.

D'luv said...

He'll be dropped unless that song becomes a major hit. They spent far too much money on Ryan Tedder and BT, I'm sure, to keep pouring money into videos and promotion without some kind of cost recoup.

Even Katharine McPhee hit #29 on Billboard with "Over It" and got dropped from the label 8 months later.

That said, I thought his album was very good. Jordin Sparks is selling better by comparison, thought not amazingly. The difference, though, is that "Tattoo" went platinum and "No Air" is a big hit, too.

Blake just never really had that one breakout song, alas.

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, I do realize that's what's coming...I'm just enjoying the performances we've still got left from him while he's still signed! Sigh.

I'm pleased for Jordin's singles success, though--I hope that keeps building and that the album benefits from that, because there really are some good songs on there.