Thursday, February 21, 2008

Solo i Stockholm, och jag minns det som igår...

I've been meaning to pick up one of Swedish singer Brolle Jr's two albums (probably his first one first; I'm pretty positive I'll love it) for a while now and just have never got around to it. When I finally heard his new single, though, I loved it too much to pass up buying that. If you're interested in knowing a bit about his background, EuropeCrazy wrote about him over here and #1 Hits wrote about him a while back as well; suffice to say, he auditioned for Popstars but has a career very much outside of the reality TV-based sort now. Now billed--at least on this single--as just Brolle, he's back with a new single that only narrowly missed making it into Melodifestivalen (something I'm glad of, to be honest; I'm worried I might not have appreciated it properly in that context). In a change for him, it's in Swedish, as his new album, which I read was due out in March, but I don't know if that's really set yet. He'll also be participating (along with singers like Linda Bengtzing, Agnes, and Markoolio, among others) in the Swedish version of Clash of the Choirs. As a kind of side note, the for-the-fans video for this song on Brolle's MySpace uses the b-side "piano version" of the track; I think the main version is much better, and it's therefore the version I'm posting today. He's also got a video posted of himself making a video to the main version of the song (complete with running, gorgeous snow-covered Swedish scenery, and dramatic falling to the ground!), so I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.

Solo i Stockholm--this song, written by Brolle and Aleena Gibson among others, sounds very much like a Brolle track, from the little I know of his work. What, then, does a Brolle track sound like? Good question. Well, it definitely uses guitars and "real instruments," and Brolle's unique (and fantastic--I love the sound of it, though I imagine not everyone might) voice is a part of it. If his styling is any indication, he feels he takes influences from the '50's, and maybe from the '80's--the hairstyle he's sporting is always...interesting, often alternating between being Elvis-esque (a singer who he's often compared to vocally) and looking like it's from the '80's. His songs aren't the bubblegum pop, dance-pop, or schlager I often post from Sweden. As a result of their style, instrumentation, and Brolle's voice, his songs end up having a more mature feel to them. However you end up describing "Solo i Stockholm," though, it's a fantastic dramatic emotional pop song with a great climax, and I literally can't get enough of the way he sings the lines in the chorus.

To buy Brolle's single "Solo i Stockholm," go here (physical) or here (digital). This song will only be posted for a short time since it's a new single.

Next up: maybe another male Swedish singer.


kevin (ru) said...

Some years ago I wrote to his website with greetings from Russia, but Brolle didn't replied.

For example, Bertine Zetlitz did.

Len said...

Did I mention that Brolle is on that Ted G. tribute album doing his version of "Sol, Vind och Vatten"?

Poster Girl said...

Really? That does just make me like Bertine even more...artists that have time for their fans like that often aren't common but it's always a fantastic thing. I also love love love that Bertine (or maybe more accurately, her record label) makes her music so easy for international fans to buy--that really means a lot.

No! Or if you did, I forgot. This really sounds like a must-own.