Saturday, February 16, 2008

Empty heart

I'm just running in here really quick to say that I am SO. NERVOUS. This was a genuinely great heat--sometimes great songs, sometimes great performances, and in some bases both great songs and great performances.

More later, but right now, I'm so so worried for the sake of one of these songs. Oh please don't let it get totally disqualified...something I can all too easily imagine right now...


Anonymous said...

I'm nervous now.
I hope you don't speak of "Empty room"

Please tell what you know


EuropeCrazy said...


"Just A Minute" perhaps?

Rick said...

It was a great semi-final tonight - the best moment for me was **SPOILER** seeing the look on Carola's face when she heard her song got in to the Second Chance round... the crowd where I was watching it screamed with delight. It's enough with her - leave the younger performers to go on. Otherwise:
- Great performance by Ola - amazing stage presence, I never thought he would do so well
- Sanna did very well and deserved to go to the final (this was the only song tonight that could be a real contender in Belgrade
- Just A Minute was a great surprise
- No Christer Sjogen to ruin it all.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, no, I was pretty sure "Empty Room" would make the finals--Sanna was in incredibly vocal form and totally sold the song.

I do like "Just A Minute"...but somehow I felt they were safe, at least not getting directly disqualified...I was really worried about Ola, to be honest! "Love In Stereo" stole my heart in three minutes--maybe no surprise, though, since the team behind the song has yet to really misfire for me.

YES!!! I kind of suspected something was up when they announced Sanna as being direct to the final first--I mean, for suspense's sake, wouldn't you have announced the seeming sure thing first if it really had panned out like everyone expected?--but I literally stopped breathing when they announced Androla were going to the andra chansen...and then when I remembered to start breathing again, I couldn't stop laughing! I actually surprised myself by even liking the song, but talk about a result that gets people excited about the contest again! I agree with all of your points, too, and though I'm surprised to read your thoughts on Ola, I'm pleased by them--watching last night, I really enjoyed his performance and was impressed with it, and then today found a bunch of negative reactions online--I was beginning to think the atmosphere was influencing my perception again!

Len said...

I was feeling gleeful in a rather mean way too, when CarolaAndrea were announced for Andra Chansen. All that could have been better for me is if Alexander had made the top five instead of "Kebabpizza". When bloggers and observers were bitching all week that this was a weak lineup, I was a little mystified, since I liked more than half the songs.
(OT--I need to email you...)

Poster Girl said...

Len, you've just named the other and only thing I would've ideally seen changed about the top 5! I really do like his song. (I'll keep an eye on my e-mail, too.)