Thursday, February 28, 2008

Du säger ja, jag säger nej

Charlotte Perrelli's song sounds like "Kempe-schlager and Kylie-pop with a splash of Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' and S Club 7's 'Don't Stop Movin'." I have no idea how one song can sound like all of those things, but doesn't it sound BRILLIANT?! Plus, toss in a "Kalla Nätter" reference and I really don't know how it could get any more amazing-sounding.

Linda, despite falling during rehearsals, has a schlager song that will make a bunch of people religious after "Linda's three minutes of salvation" or cause the entire population of Sweden to become gay. (Also, the comparison to "Grace Kelly" did pop up again, in reference to the verses.)

Daniel has "the year's gay hit" (as well as a classic fifth placer; apparently it's overchoreographed).

Could I get any more excited? I really don't think so. And that's just three of the songs we've got to look forward to in this Saturday's Melodifestival semifinal.

One day, this blog will return to its only-semi-dominated-by-Swedish-music state, but as long as Melodifestivalen keeps going, I'm going to have Swedish music on the brain. Some day I really will finish that Fame Factory special I started, but until then, let's have another song from a Swedish group I love(d): Fame. Jessica Andersson, the female half of Fame, is off doing duets with Nordman now and the male half, Magnus Backlund--well, I've got no idea what he's doing musically, but he is talking to Gylleneskor about this upcoming semifinal.

Gjorda för varandra--I think Fame had some absolutely fantastic tracks. Oddly enough, most of those weren't on their only album (including one of my favorite Melodifestival tracks of this decade, "Vindarna Vänder Oss," their followup entry after winning all of Melodifestivalen with "Give Me Your Love"). "Gjorda för varandra," released as a single in 2005, was one of those. A mix of pop and schlager, it's not a schlager stomper in the sense of being some big uptempo song that you picture lots of big dramatic strutting across the stage to--though you could do that, if you wanted; it's just that it's more on the mid-tempo side. The song lists a bunch of things the (fictional) couple disagree on before concluding in each bridge and chorus that without those differences they wouldn't be attracted to each other and that, in the end, they're a couple, meant for each other (I think). Basically, upbeat catchy Swedish pop that, like many of Fame's songs, comes in right about at three minutes.

To buy Fame's single "Gjorda för varandra," go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: part of me wonders if maybe I shouldn't just skip the previews on Friday and hear them for the first time on Saturday--but yeah right, as if I have that much self control, so tomorrow will probably be writings about Melodifestivalen.


Len said...

I guess the suspense won't end till Saturday, but you must be heartened that all the bloggers in the hall agree that Linda and Charlotte are both in top form, and the only big competition for them is the possibility that Sibel's big ballad might do a Sanna and leapfrog direkt till finalen.

John said...

Plus which, Sibel's still got the recent Idol voters on her side.

But, I think (okay, I'm hoping like a maniac) that it's Linda and Char going to the finale.

Linda just... has to. And, in the Linda/Char battle, I actually give her the edge only based on the fact that her song is in Swedish and there's only ONE other Svensk song in the finalen so far (Upp o Hoppa).

Fingers crossed.

(And please, girl! You know you'll be on SVT checking out the songs tomorrow like the rest of us... And then you'll rush to put up your 'first thoughts' post like all the other fans!)


Robpop said...

i just got in from robyn (she was amazing!) so i will check these out tomorrow PPG!

Robpop said...

Calaise-breezy. Nice. Not great. Not Eurovision. But sweet...

Linda-LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Very very Mika/Grace Kelly.

Nordman-A bit like Tokio Hotel/Therese/Nu Pagadi. Not bad. I like it. A bit like something from the Queen Musical (We Will Rock You).

Sibel-I can smell Westlife! I love this. Its a bit crap. But live, she might get a huge response. Especially if she hams the big notes. Shes a diva. She'll do well.
It needs a huge epic ending...

Fronda-another one that will do well IF performed well. Based on the song alone..its not going to go anywhere. But its also about the performance.

Charlotte-Someone has been listening to Phixx. Well, you know what i mean. The sound is similar. A great song.



Poster Girl said...

That IS encouraging--but Sibel is a song I'm really fearing will be a BIG threat. Eek!

Oh, yeah! I totally caved. Though I couldn't make it back until about half an hour after the songs went up and all I could think for that half hour is "what do they sound like? what do they sound like?" I'm so predictable ;) That's what I need--those two in the finals!

Eee! Robpop, I NEED to see Robyn live some day. Really really need. Anyway, after your successful predictions last week, I'm definitely keeping your predictions in mind! Some people had been saying Nordman's song would be better off done by Sarek, and I kind of know what they're talking about now. Anyway, I agree with you on Calaisa, Linda, and Charlotte, and (though after Melodifestivalen I'll really like it I think) am really scared of the result Sibel's going to get--I really think you're right about her possibly getting a huge response live.