Friday, February 01, 2008

But I really hope she's made it

Aura is back! After the fantastic "Something From Nothing" (which seems to be getting a nice climb back up the charts recently), which I took on and off my year end countdown so many times and really probably should have left on, she's now finally released her debut album. When she's at her best, she makes songs that are disguised in singer-songwriter trappings but are really just as pop as anything else, and most importantly, are lovely and catchy (and meaningful-sounding). I only got the news through Spray Up Your Life, which really does the best job of describing her, so really, you're best off just reading that write-up. If you like your pop with soul (not the style), you'll find it here, but if you're a bubblegum and Scandipop addict like me, she's just as likely to appeal to you.

Anyway, the song this post is written to draw your attention to (besides "Something From Nothing," if you missed that the first time around) is "Song For Sophie," which is either her new single or just doing really well on downloads. You can listen to it at her MySpace or in higher quality over at this album review (click on the song title, or just open this direct link in a new window) and you'd be well off to do so--once again, it takes up some elements of folk, but not that many, and the fact that it's a great pop song shines through no matter how the song is dressed up--it's very melodic and smoothly catchy. Or, to use Spray Up Your Life's phrase, it's "folk-melodifestivalero."

Should you be willing to pay €18.66 plus shipping for it (!), you can buy the album here.

Does anyone know any TV producers? "Something From Nothing" is crying out to be used as in a TV show--and I could really see it taking off, at a certain level, if it was; I can definitely see it winning people over if that route was taken. If you've not heard it yet, I'm begging you, go listen to it over at her MySpace.

Edit to say that it looks like maybe she was a guest at Denmark's Melodi Grand Prix (wearing a bizarre outfit)--that would explain why "Something From Nothing" is all of a sudden back in the charts, then!

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