Friday, January 25, 2008

#10 Velvet, "Fix Me"

Suddenly I'm only longing for the hot stuff
Something inside me tells me this is real
Now I've got the vibe tell me that's the same way you feel for me

This was one of those songs that I absolutely never got sick of throughout the whole year. Some songs you'll overplay for a bit and then take a break from--I never had to take a break from "Fix Me." The epitome of swooshy dance fabulousness, "Fix Me" is everything I ever wanted in a big cheesy dance-pop song. "Fix Me" doesn't have the emotion or class of, say, September's "Cry For You" (which I adore), but what it lacks in those aspects it more than makes up for with sheer energy and fun. My kind of dream dancefloor is packed with songs like Stephanie DeAraugo's "Mistake (Jewels & Stone Radio Edit)," Natasha Bedingfield's "The One That Got Away (Valentin Radio Mix)," Kate DeAraugo's "Faded (Reactor Mix)," and this--that kind of big fun upbeat powerful hook-conscious poppy dance-pop that can't fail to leave you with a smile all over your face and a severe urge to just throw your hands up in the air and dance, everything else in the world forgotten. If Swedish backing singer turned dance-pop singer and Melodifestivalen contestant Velvet could release an album full of songs this good, it would genuinely be one of the greatest albums ever. Could someone please make "Fix Me" (even more of) an international hit A.S.A.P.?

Find it on: "Fix Me" single (no album yet--it was supposed to be released this winter, but I imagine, if it comes out, it'll be after Melodifestivalen since she's in it this year)

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