Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just let your feelings show

And I thought I was shocked after seeing that Fred Ball and Hannah Robinson had a song in the Norwegian MGP! Hah! That doesn't even begin to compare to how shocked I am after reading the following news.

Remember Danny Saucedo? Whose album I was raving about? And who has released three really successful singles?

Well, he's now part of three person Swedish boy band E.M.D. The group's name comes from the initials of its members: Erik Segerstedt, Mattias Andréasson, and Danny Saucedo. All of them were contestants on Idol, Erik and Danny in 2006 and Mattias this year. Apparently it was their own idea and not the record company's...

Now, before you try to be optimistic, thinking, "hey, the Idol supergroup idea resulted in some pretty good stuff from the Young Divas and similarly-named NKD," we already know their first single: a cover of Bryan Adams, Sting, and Rod Stewart's "All For Love." Given that and their statement that it'll be "mature pop," I don't think we can be counting on anything disco-tastic. Edit 2: Expressen reports that the single will be out next week, with an album (half old hits and half new material) in the spring, as well as has a statement from them that they still see themselves as three separate artists and are just committing to do this together in 2008.

Given Danny's solo success, I can only presume that this is a side project for him, but who knows? And I'm still upset that he's probably not in Melodifestivalen, given that he's doing Sweden's version of Strictly Come Dancing.

I reserve the right to completely change my opinion on this if they end up being the vehicle for a good pop song in the future, but right now, I mean...really?!

EDIT to say that if, on the other hand, they decide to release an album of trashy/tragic (take your pick) boy band covers of Cher songs, I AM THERE!


AcerBen said...


Danny you are too amazing for this!

Alexander said...

They will "split up" in a year.

Poster Girl said...

That's better then, Alex! This is why I should go read all the articles about something before writing about it. And you never know, they might get some good original songs or something, now that I know it's not all old covers, I guess.

Acerben, that was exactly my reaction when I read that Aftonbladet article! But I guess if it's only for this year...well, we probably wouldn't have gotten a new album from him before then anyway (maybe if he was in Melodifestivalen or something)...I'm just relieved it's not permanent!

Len said...

Can we have a few words with Danny about his hair? It's gone beyond teenpop fashion victim to the point that all he needs is a little red chanel suit and he could be a drag queen Nancy Reagan imitator.

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha ha--yes, Len, please do!

And I just want to say again, this whole thing seems so random and bizarre to me. And really, "All For Love"?!?! And the involvement of Danny really perplexes me--I mean, he's got a really good solo career going quality and commercial-wise. I mean, it's not like this is going to add to his credibility or anything, so that certainly can't be what he's after!

EuropeCrazy said...

As I said over at my blog, I had to check to see it wasn't April 1st, as this sounds like a great big April Fool's joke. Danny's an established pop star, so why's he doing this? He should have done Melodifestivalen instead, and that would have cemented his 'legend' status :-)

Poster Girl said...

I saw that! I think my reaction was sort of similar ;) And I completely agree about the established pop star thing--that's why I'm so confused about this.