Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I don't need no revelation or speaking in tongues

To be honest, I think I've listened to a grand total of four songs that aren't by Blake Lewis over the past two days, but, since I still want to put off writing about the album for just a little longer, let's go with a Swedish group I've been meaning to write about for ages instead. It's kind of a shame to first feature them now and not do them justice because I'm distracted, but I imagine most of you know of them already anyways. With that in mind, I've gone for one of their lesser-known songs. Who am I talking about? The A*Teens. The four person Swedish group started out covering ABBA songs (their name comes from "ABBA Teens") but would go on to release some fantastic pop songs. I really need to do a bigger feature on them at some point, but for now, here's one of their songs.

Bounce With Me--a promo song for some product--a drink or something. It's not the pop stomper that, say, "Halfway Round The World" or "Bouncing Off The Ceiling (Upside Down"" are, but it is cute and catchy in a kind of kitschier way. Mid-tempo, what's probably supposed to be slightly urban, kind of...rinky dink? Minimal wouldn't be quite the right word. Is it their best work? Not at any stretch, but it's still a good pop song.

I don't think there's anywhere you can buy the promo single for "Bounce With Me" besides hoping for it to appear on eBay, but I'd recommend picking up any of their albums after their first instead--the great Teen Spirit, for example, can be purchased here (physical) or from iTunes.

Next up: not sure...maybe Blake, but probably not yet.


J'ason D'luv said...

Whatever, baby, just get to the Blake write-up!! I just downloaded his album because of you, and I've played "How Many Words" on repeat for half an hour!!

paul @ said...

D'Luv is a Blaker Girl! Who knew :P

Ah the a*teens. They could do no wrong. I love Bounce With Me because it's so cute and could be construed as slightly dirty hahaha. Same Difference could totally take over from where they left off. Hmmm, I wonder if i should have a "top obsessions f 2007" list?

Digital Technique said...

Awww....I miss a*teens!! :( Although at least they have given us a few great solo songs since they split!!

J'ason D'luv said...

Most underrated A*Teens james: "Oh..Oh Yeah" and "Closer To Perfection."

Poster Girl said...

J'ason the second: TRUTH! Why "Closer To Perfection" wasn't a single I'll never know. And the first: YES! I'm so happy you love that song--it first came on at the point where I had a million other things going on, and then suddenly--pow. I got drawn into it completely, got completely transfixed by it. The Blake write-up may end up being today after all. Yay for a sale :D

Paul, I was just thinking the same thing about the A*Teens song--how young were they when they were singing this again? And oh definitely yes to the Same Difference idea!

Me too...but you're right, they have. Some of the songs from Marie's album were pop perfection, for example, even if I rarely listen to all of it.