Friday, December 14, 2007

Do a whole lot more

I've got huuugge gaps in my music knowledge about music from the past ten years, let alone the past fifty years, so it's probably not surprising at all to hear that I'd never heard Etta James's "Seven Day Fool," released in 1961. I do know, though, that today I'm enjoying Canadian singer Jully Black's cover of it. It came out back around this late summer/early fall and did pretty well. "Seven Day Fool" served as the lead single for her second album, Revival, released this October; I've not heard anything from it beyond this yet, though (well, except a preview of the of the YUG Remix [Radio Edit], which I now really want!).

Seven Day Fool--I've read some people bashing others for mentioning Amy Winehouse in their review of this song since Etta James's version came out years before Amy was even born. That's ridiculous--the song's sat around for forty-six years and we're supposed to think it's coincidence that it's just getting covered (and in keeping with this style) now? I doubt it. Regardless, though, I'm enjoying it today, though I'm not sure that that'll last too long. For now, though, it's catchy, very '60's sounding (well, of course), and fun in a sassy (I'd say despite of the lyrics, but actually, some of the lyrics are as well, unless I'm reading too much into them) kind of way.

And, in lieu of that mix I mentioned, since that's only available on Canadian iTunes and even then only when you buy the whole album, here's another dance edit (radio length, don't worry) of the song instead.

To buy Jully Black's album Revival, go here (physical).

Next up: maybe a Danish singer doing a kind of '80's-sounding song.


Digital Technique said...

Have never heard of Jully or the original version of this song either but definitely like it! It is very Winehouse-y sounding but that remix just brings it right up to date!

I can't actually decide if I like the original or the remix more! Will just have to put them both on my iPod!! :)

Poster Girl said...

Great! :D Yeah, I'd never heard of her either until this.

Yuяi said...

PPG, you're right. "Seven Day Fool" did pretty well up in Canada. It peaked at #9 on the Canadian Hot 100 back during the week of November 11. I had to look that up...I'm not a cylon, really, I'm not...! :)