Monday, December 24, 2007

#44 Jason Donovan, "Share My World"

I've got so much more to give
So much life we've left to live
I wanna share my world with you
But you've got to try too

I'll make no apologies for my inclusion of this not commercially successful single (well, it was download only and there were hardly any places the average person could be exposed to it; I don't think it was intended or going to be a smash hit) from Australian actor and former S/A/W singer Jason Donovan. "Share My World," released this past June, may not be anything special to a lot of people--accusations that it's MOR, mature radio pop with guitars, etc. would be easy to make, and I wouldn't even necessarily disagree with them--but I love it; it's got one of the most reassuring feelings of the year surrounding it. It kind of brings out the same reaction in me that my favorite modern era midtempo Take That songs do. Well-produced (lo-fi this is not) but somehow still organic sounding, "Share My World" is upbeat, comforting, and catchy. It never fails to bring a smile to my face and that's more than enough to help it make my list of the year's best singles.

Find it on: "Share My World" single

Also check out Mobius's blog, where I found out about the song


Mike said...

I love the fact that Jason made your list! "Share My World" is a bit too mellow for me but it's nice to see him making music again and I'll definitely check out his upcoming album.

By the way, your countdown has been fantastic so far!

D'luv said...

Hey, you! The Xmas holiday travelling waylaid me a bit as far as reading blogs, etc. -- I'm only a state away from you at the moment! -- so I'm just getting to your list now.

Really great write up of the JD single! You put the feel of this song perfectly into words. It's just so upbeat and happy that you can't help but smile.

paul @ said...

i am so sad that this single didn't do better. Maybe he can duet with Same Difference and release it? Plus Bosson! How i am only just getting into them is beyond me but i love their latest album, it's actually quite sumptuous

Poster Girl said...

Thanks Mike! :)

That's exactly it, J'ason! And thanks!

Ha, as long as Same Difference are getting their name out there, Paul!