Thursday, December 27, 2007

#41 Anna David, "Chill"

Det eneste jeg vil
Er at ligge her og chill

This song only isn't higher because the first fifteen seconds are a little too abrasively happy and kitschy even for me. Luckily, those same elements get incorporated in a much better way into the song later on and the "ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo"s become just another element of the pure pop joy that is "Chill." Danish singer Anna David had a very pop-oriented earlier career, but it was the less-than-fantastic "Fuck dig" that was her breakout hit. Luckily, for this, the second single from her second album, she returned to her pop roots and gave us one of the year's most infectiously upbeat choruses, all sparkles and giddiness and poppoppoppopPOP! This kind and level of happiness could be too much for some people or for certain moods, but this swingy (not swing!) mid-tempo pop song is one of the most pleasant surprises from Denmark this year and definitely one of the year's poppiest songs.

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