Saturday, November 10, 2007

Where dreams come true just like they should

I've been hiding this,'s time to come out with it.

I like this song:

(If Only Life Could Be Like) Hollywood

I really do believe that you should just like what you like. This, though, takes cheesy to the extreme. Mega extreme. Which I might be able to tolerate, if everything else about the singer--who's American--wasn't offputting. I mean, just look at this album cover:

Eek. Of course, maybe I don't have much right to speak, given that one of my most anticipated albums of the year has a cover that looks like this:

Plus, everything else this singer has done feels very...try hard, in the sense of "ooo, look at me, I'm innovative! And hip!" (shush at all the rest of you thinking "you could say the same thing about Blake"), and just doesn't work at all for me. Very MySpace-y.

But in the midst of all this "look at me with my stuttery rhythms and electro-pop!" overstyling is this really cheesy (cheesy of a completely different sort to the rest of his image and songs, because make no mistake, calling a song "B'Donkadonk" is cheesy, and in a way I just don't think I'm prepared to handle) upbeat catchy vocodered singalongy pop song. And I can't help it, I like it. Spelling, handclaps, catchy chorus--I couldn't resist. Why someone actually thought it was a good idea to release this as a single to mainstream U.S. radio in 2007 is BEYOND ME, though.

You can buy the album from here (physical) or from any country's iTunes store here.

Next up: maybe a Swedish group that I can't believe I haven't featured yet.


Anonymous said...

Girl, I'm not saying a word ... I loved (and still really like) Ben Adams' "Delicious", and it's arguably just as cheesy as this!

That album cover (not to mention the title ... "Hot Mess"?) is a bit of an aesthetic mishap, though...! :-)


Paul said...

oh dear the album cover for both killian and blake are dreadful. But killian should be sent to fashion prison for that hideous pink tie. Oh my days. By the way I am DYING for the swedish duet!!

J'ason D'luv said...

Paul, I swear, I had you pegged for loving this guy...

PG, I think you missed the true gem on the album -- "B'Donkadonk" -- with the line, "Damn, you got it goin' on downtown!"

Poster Girl said...

I know, Thnairg and Paul, that cover--my eyes! I have to admit, I may like Blake's cover, but it's really setting itself up for rejection and mockery by most people.

J'ason, I cringed just reading that--awful, awful, awful. I think I'm just going to pretend this was a one-off song for the soundtrack to a 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie and ignore EVERYTHING else he's ever done.