Monday, November 19, 2007

We forget the luck we have

I know it's not December yet, but since I don't think I'll be doing a special Christmas-themed series of posts as I did last year--there aren't too many poppy Christmas songs I listen to and I think I covered most of them last year (though if I think I can come up with enough, I might, or just intersperse them throughout the next month or so)--so I thought I'd post this song now. I've never listened to that much of Danish duo Me & My's work. I do know that I tend to associate them with that Eurodance/bubblegum dance type of sound. They were mainly active back in the mid-'90's to very early 2000's, but entered Denmark's national final for Eurovision this year; they made it to the finals and took sixth there. Now they've got a new single out, and I really like it.

Too Much Christmas--this song doesn't have any of that aforementioned "Eurodance" aspect--it's just pure pop (more in the vein of their Melodi Grand Prix song than what I know of their earlier work). "Too Much Christmas" is kind of a light half-ballad that really could not be more sweet or adorable in either the music or the voices of the two sisters. It really is a perfect little pop song.

This song will be posted for only a day because it's a new single. You can buy Me & My's new single "Too Much Christmas" here (digital) or pick up their greatest hits album from iTunes stores around the world (it doesn't have this song on it, though).

Next up: maybe something Norwegian, but I'm thinking more a song from circa turn of the century U.S. Or maybe that Finnish song.


Robpop said...

I love MeandMy!

Adem With An E said...

Oh thank you for this, I am currently on a serious hunt for xmas pop songs for my upcoming festive season radio program/lunch for xmas day.

paul @ said...

Christmas! Christmas!! Christmas!!! oh me oh my i am so excited. what a delicious little bauble to hang on my metaphorical christmas tree!

J'ason D'luv said...

This looks like those inflatable hookerz who did the cover of "Barbie Girl" a month or two back...

Digital Technique said...

Wow.....what a perfect little poppy Xmas treat!! :D Definitely going to go on my Xmas compilation CD for my car!! Love it!!

Poster Girl said...

I'll have to look into more of their work! I don't know that much at all by them.

No problem! I'm just about to go into full Christmas song mode myself :)

Ha ha, Paul, I love your enthusiasm about Christmas! I actually thought of you when I saw the title and before I heard the lyrics and thought "Paul would disagree about having too much Christmas!" ;)

Oh, J'ason, I didn't think of that, but yeah, I see it! They do predate them--not that I'm sure anyone wants to end up being able to claim that particular style as "their idea first."

Yay! I'm so glad you like it :D That's exactly what I thought of it--I really love it!

Robpop said...


MeandMy-I love them for a number of reasons. They make me quite emotional too...

They started off as Supersister back in the very early 1990s and then evolved into MeandMy. They could be described as the big sisters of Aqua and the bugglegum pop scene that exploded in 1996 and really took hold in Japan. They've had a number of hits in Europe (especially with Show Me Love and Dub-i-Dub) but its Japan that fell hard for the group. There they released a number of albums and greatest hits Cds. Last year saw their European/Danish comeback with the attempt to represent Denmark (who sided with that pink drag queen in the end). The Ultimate Collection was released and considered quite a hit in Denmark. For me, it was their cover of So Many Men (So Little Time) that makes them such excellent popstars. In all they've put out 3 studio albums and one greatest hits but it gets very messy in Japan with Japanese only re-releases and different versions.

Myself and Ella (of Denmark) covered them in our celebration of Danish pop back in July of 2006!

(We also covered c21 too)


Perhaps its the huge bunny ears. Perhaps its the Danish pop...this girlband always gets me a bit emotional. I quite miss Ella and her trashtastic pop tastes.....

*runs for the tissues*


(thanks darling, great pop as usual...hopefully this single will result in a new album from the girls)